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Anoother question I checked and see there is a limit for 3D scan as 34 week. At my last scan my baby was 1 week bigger I dont know how is he now but, I want to go at 34 week. What is my baby is bigger again and if he is 35 weeks? Will it be a problem? At 3D can also learn the weight, lenght? And I wonder if the baby is bigger one week does it mean will the baby will born approximately one week earlier?

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  • hiya, I don't think 1 week will really matter, as baby is maybe just measuring bigger, unless at scans theyv changed your due date?

    its strange because majority of woman measure normal all way through pregnancy & some have babies at 5lb then others have babies at 10lb.

  • I went at 27 week and my baby was 1159 gr. In the report it is written he is 28 week. The sonographer said some babies can be big some are tiny. I am 153 cm and 44 kg before pregnancy. My birth weight was 3400 gr, and my husband was 4000 gr. I confused when I see 28 week but he said that does not mean the due date.

  • I have measured a week ahead since about 20 weeks, as long as its not a few weeks they aren't too fussed as not many babies come on due date, a lot come a week either side, hense why they will wait until 41 weeks to give a sweep and 42 weeks to induce. if the midwife was too concerned I am sure u wud of been offered a growth scan to make sure all is well but again I wouldn't worry at all

  • Thanks dear. I am not really worried as long as the the baby is healty. We can not know the exact due date.

  • "And I wonder if the baby is bigger one week does it mean will the baby will born approximately one week earlier?" One week won't make that much of a difference really. But it depends on the due date. peerdiagnosis.com/bump-on-i...

  • Hiya congratulations on your pregnancy. I am 5 mths pregnant and was wondering when is the best time to have this type of scan?

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