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Hi, does anyone have any tips for dealing with thrush when breast feeding?


My new daughter is only two and a half weeks old and we were both diagnosed by the health visitor. Baby is having Nystan four times a day and I have Clotrimazole cream twice a day. Baby's mouth now looks clear but I feel worse than ever with a gnawing pain deep in my breasts after feeding and sharp pain at the start of feeds. I'm now dreading each feed but feeling that I should persevere because I know that breast feeding is so good for baby. I also had thrush when I breast fed my son and gave up feeding him sooner than I would have liked to.I seem to be very prone to it for some reason and am feeling very fed up

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Oh - no

Well done for wanting to perservier though as i also stopped breast feeding my son a Lil sooner than i would of liked to when he was born due to the sore-ness & pain it was causing me.

With the thrush is your Lil ones mouth it may be worth a try to try giving her mouth a clean ( using a un-used face towel) sort of cloth with some cooled boiled water & a pinch of Bicarb of soda ( if u have it) as im sure it will help the "gnawing down" sensation too


I usually keep quite a few un-used face towel cloths at home as you never know when you need them


Oh Bless u so u think it's linked to breast feeding? If it's changing ur ph down below the isn't much u can do, just keep treating it.. has she given u the pessaries u should be using that and 2% canestan cream prescribed by ur g.p...I had the same problem with breast feeding my 2nd it was agony I dreaded her latching on every time and by 2 months I couldn't do it but she wouldn't take a bottle soi had no choice until I found a particular teat and she was 4 1/2 months. ..it really got me down so don't suffer and don't beat urself up about it..u have given her a good start on breast milk x

Thanks for your support. The thrush is in my breasts not down below, so definitely linked to breast feeding. A BF counsellor is going to visit me tomorrow which should hopefully help and I'm feeling a bit better today, hopefully it's turning a corner. I just wish breast feeding came to me a bit easier as it's something I so want to do for my daughter.

Don't forget to boil wash all your bras, towels, tops and bedding...anything that comes into contact with your breasts. Adding a cupful of white vinegar to the final rinse in your washing is supposed to be helpful. Thrush can cause a bit of nappy rash on baby so skip the wet wipes when you can and use some bicarbonate of soda in cool water to wash little one's bottom, ( and your breasts) and air dry for a little while.

I used clotrimazole cream on my nipples after every feed just in case, and drank plenty of probiotic yoghurt. Another tip is to NOT use anitbacterial soaps and washes as you end up washing away the good bacteria too.

It is possible that your thrush won't get better if it is inside your milk ducts, so you and baby may need a course of medicine, but I hope things get better soon, and good luck. x

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Thanks lunarkam, I've started using hotter washes for the laundry from today. I'm going to see if I can clear it this week, otherwise I'm going to have to give up breast feeding because my quality of life is suffering too much with the pain. On the plus side my baby seems absolutely fine now.

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Ok, make sure to stick with it for at least a week after as it can hang about for a while. You may need to go back to the doctors and get a course of Fluconazole tablets. Don't let them fob you off, if you're still enjoying the breastfeeding, they need to get you sorted. Good luck, come back and let us know.x

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