mmmm cake!!!!

What I would really love is chocolate, but even the smell makes me want to puke at moment, in fact most meal times are a bit of a trial. the baby certainly loves food and just the mention of 'dinner' 'eat' makes my bump look like a boxing match - especially 'cake'. Now before was pregnant was one of those really lucky people could eat anything and not gain a pound (not as glamorous as sounds - high metabolism, don't eat pass out. Makes stomach bugs hell) and had a sweet tooth. Most of those foods have been a no go, but discovered our local bakers does a lovely soft cream cake that I not only can eat with only slight nausea but the baby likes too. I know, giving an unborn child what amounts to pure sugar when you're unable to be very mobile is madness. I ate the first one expecting within the next half hour to regret it having my insides kicked to shreds as baby went 'weeeee' even more than our usual bedtime acrobatics. Instead baby seemed to go 'nom nom' and slept for about 45 mins before getting back to our usual wriggles. Well I just had to test that this wasn't a one off right??? Now had four (over a week, not that greedy lol). I can eat cake, have a settled baby and now responds if daddy says 'would you like a cake?' Have to say is win win :D Mind does respond to my oh more than me. He says bed time to the bump and settles down I say it just get a harder kick in the ribs... wondering if he's taken secret baby whispering classes... x


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  • Haha this made me laugh! That is so sweet :) I am the same, to be honest I didn't ever really have a massive sweet tooth before bump but see now... I will and can devour anything sweet!! The dog will be sitting their drooling at someone eating something.. And I will be along side him haha! And my other half is the same! Swear my little one was trying to kick his way out of me today!! Dad comes home and tells him to be good to mum and he settles straight away! Hint that he is going to be a daddy's boy?? We will wait and see!!x

  • haha - is an upside to daddy's boy/girl - tantrums are daddy's to deal with lol :D x

  • Ah-yes these babies do tend to respond to daddy voice / charm more than us ( whats that all about)

    But anyway I would "have ure cake & eat it too" Literally

    pregnancy ( in my view) is the one good excuse we have for stuffin' our faces with anything we fancy & not having to justify it :-)

    Im guessing you've decided to wait until d-day to see baby's gender. I dont wanna spoil the "surprise" or anything but im pretty sure its a girl.

    From very early on i was addicted to chocolate digestive biscuites & fizzy drinks. Ive managed to control it now ( thank god) & i was told @ my 20wk scan its a girl.


  • We've decided not to find out and everyone telling me it's a boy or it's a girl. Tbh I'd be very surprised if family haven't got bets on. Has a faster heart beat too, which I'm sure read somewhere indicates a girl. But either way we'll be happy and everything's neutral (which is good cos I hate pink lol) as long as arrives safe :) . I had my sweet tooth curbed by being sick the whole way through so finding a cake I can eat - I'm def going to eat lots of it. Been better if discovered this cake earlier, due start of oct x

  • Yes, the safe & healthy arrival of baby is all that matters. I personally couldnt bear the wait of not knowing i was even a bit too anxious during the anomaly scan :-) Im sure the midwife thought i was a right nutter :-)

    Im sure that sickness period will end soon for you.


  • Birth 5 wks off (assuming we don't want to come early, which is entirely possible) it better lol. kind of used to the sickness now but be very glad when it's gone. Will miss my little alarm clock though, but not the constant need to run to the loo every five mins :D .

    Actually think we were considered odd for not wanting to know. a nurse asked me if we'd found out and when said no said she'd had three and couldn't bear not knowing with any of them. Wasn't her baby until she knew x

  • No, its not odd at all

    I admire it to be honest

    im 30+ wks "this week" & still find it hard to believe im having another baby never mind a Lil girl ( which i did actually want) as this may just be my 2nd & last child. "I have a son who'll be 5 yrs old when baby arrives."

  • One of each, sounds nice. though at moment one full stop might be all. Not had a particularly good time, and though I'd like another (in a few years) is going to take some convincing of my oh to let me go through it all again, even though we'll know what to expect. he's very over protective x

  • That cream cake sounds delicious..I now want one :) so u have been sick thru the entire pregnancy? Or Did it start up again? Whatever Way I hate feeling sick or being sick so I feel for u..u deserve them cakes ;)

  • Throughout. Stopped throwing up for a short while and just had really bad nausea and dizziness but soon came back. Been great severe anaemia that comes and goes, arrhythmia, low bp, nackered back, all topped off with the sickness. But baby's been perfectly healthy so all good. Made the bakers smile when we first went in - in fact said never seen anyone so happy picking cakes - cake is just the best, you should def get one :D x

  • Then u def deserve them! We have a cup cake shop just opened down the bottom of my Rd and we are going to check it out today :-D

  • :) enjoy xx

  • yep I have been sick everyday since January...I really have to be careful what I eat and how much I eat as otherwise I hav to see it in the early hours in the loo. funnily enough the only thing tht makes me feel ok is dairy products, I love milk, cant get enough of the stuff. due this sat so hopefully he hurries so I can go bk to actually eating properly. I do like a good cake tho....bought some scones and jam...might have to have one now :) x

  • ooh scones mmm, Is odd what doesn't make us sick. Keep being asked what odd cravings I've had - truth is none. And have a weird aversion to irn bru - which with my oh being Scottish we've had a lot of jokes saying child trying to avoid being ginger! Hope you can get back to eating soon and that baby arrives on time. I can't wait to have a cup of tea but in the mean time scones do sound good... :) x

  • it was good but alas I was poorly so all gone. I feel so poo today, am In my pjs and cud go to bed now....feel really out of energy :( I hope he comes too am fed up lol. lol ginger runs in my family with my sister although shes the only one.. xx

  • :( Hope you feel better. Was told pregnancy was supposed to be fun... oh well the result is worth it :) x

  • thank u, yeh I know, if I hadn't been sick everyday wud be perfect but hey ho hopefully not much longer. I think I am just tired didn't sleep much last night as ill so hopefully tonight I will get a decent kip and be bk to myself tomorrow :) xx

  • Oh you poor thing, it's just miserable, isn't it? I've found it a real shock that pregnancy has been so difficult and miserable. I was trying to get pregnant for so long, I think I'd romanticised it a bit! But, yeah, it'll be worth it!

  • I think the last 6 weeks have been worse than the first few weeks which were horrendous but got midwife appointment tomorrow and have been having spells of high blood pressure and as am so close she said if its high again she said they might keep me in which before scared me but now I say bring it on lol. when I am crying in pain in labour I will probs be praying tht I can go bk to this but my little man will be here in a maximum of 2 weeks whether he likes it or not lol x

  • Think if we were told the truth we probably wouldn't have believed it, and if I knew then what I know now would I have put myself through it? Maybe, but don't think my OH would have let me, been so upset he can't do anymore to help me that think if I said wanted another anytime soon would be told no. Sleep def is a big thing, know I feel worse when can't sleep. Which is a general theme at mo, have to say doing to much also doesn't help either (which today was going out for an hour - feel like such a wimp these days lol). Much as it annoys me following doctors orders feet up, plenty of rest, preparing for the all important 'big push' :) x

  • yep I know and in fact when I moved into our first bought home in june being a 2 bed house I was quite sad at the fact tht I cudnt have another one until we moved again in 5/6 years time which now I think is a good move, I don't feel like I can go through something like this again for sometime. although every pregnancy is different I am not taking tht risk lol. my boyfriends been gd although he just doesn't get I cant eat a lot and says its not gd for me to have 2 mouthfuls of dinner but then if I eat more I am ill so its better to have some food then none at all, yeh snap I hardly slept last night which is probably why I feel like utter crap today and hav no plans to do anything this week specially as here in south east its meant to get to 29 degrees by thurs which is way to hot for me. x

  • We bought ours last oct, and is only two bed so be a few years before we could consider another in those practical terms, but like you it may be a bit of a blessing in disguise. That is way too hot. I know, mine was same with food at first, and he refused to eat unless I did thinking would make me 'try harder'. After a while he came to realise why I'd eat a little and now we do little and often and I just avoid any food that is more likely to trigger sickness. Which is most things. Hoping this last week or so goes quick for you, and that you get some decent sleep. As we keep being told, there'll be none once the baby arrives x

  • feel much btr today just having my much loved coco pops and milk...yum!! yeh he is starting to get it, I will remind him its important to eat when he is feeling ill lol. thanks me 2, yeh lol everyones like make the most of the rest but theres only so much resting u can do, I prefer to be busy lol x

  • I know, I prefer to be busy. Most people can't believe I'm managing to behave instead of my usual 90 miles an hour. Not that I really have a choice in the matter lol. ooh coco pops. So can't wait to be able to eat chocolate again. Toast again... yum :/ some days you just know are going to be hard before you even start x

  • lol, I only really eat them so its an excuse to have milk as thts what I really like lol. yep but hopefully this day is going to be ok, hope ur day is ok too x

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