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How to get to hospital?

I'm 36 weeks and this question is starting to worry me a lot.

I'm the only driver in the family and we have no family within a 70 mile radius. My only friend who I could ask has three children of her own to look after and I don't feel I could drag her away in the middle of the night or during school run times.

I spoke to a midwife (not my usual one) and she said either call a taxi and don't tell them you're in labour or dial 999 for an ambulance. To me, neither of these seems the right thing to do :-s

Just wondering what others in my situation are planning to do?

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If I go into labour when my bf is at work I will have to ring a cab and do a sneaky one and not tell them I'm in labour. Unless there is a problem or no time then it'll be ambulance. No other way really....I've not lived here long and don't know anyone x


I think i would rather call a ambulance in a " labour" situation as some of the taxi drivers ( in my area anyway) can be a Lil un- considerate when going over road bumps for etc....

I must admit its a tough one

Is it possible for your friend to arrange to have someone take her kids to school or babysit them a few days around your due date just in-case the baby decides to start coming ?



My Friend drove herself to hosp in labour! How Far is ur hosp? If U weren't having contractions would u feel comfortable doing that? I Think I would or if my contractions were Mild...but I suppose to be on the safe side ring an ambulance... be a bit embarrassing if ur waters went in the cab. .... and that's what we pay our taxes for and if it is an emergency then it has to be done x


The hospital is only 3-4 miles away, but I don't think driving would be an option - not sure you'd be covered by insurance if you caused an accident, even if I was able to.

When I had my 1st daughter there was a non-emergency number for an ambulance, but sadly it is no longer available. To me, dialling 999 seems over the top as it's not exactly an emergency unless things are moving too rapidly. Also I feel I could be depriving someone facing a real emergency x


If it all goes the right way then the hosp will tell u not to go in till contractions are 3 mins apart ...I think ur going to have to weigh the situation up when it happens...but def ring a cab to check and u never know it might be good timing so ur friend can take u. fingers crossed. .x


My friend suggested I called a few local Taxi firm to see if they would transport a women in labour (just in case I was caught short on my own) Both myself & my partner drive X

My mum also said to that they do treat obstetrics as am emergency so please don't feel bad if you need to call one.

My sister is a prime example, neither her nor partner drive, guess my mum was on standby, her labour progressed very quickly as her 1st stage was alot of backache. She was in bath and both my mum & an ambulance were called, my mum got there 1st & my nephew was crowning so she had to deliver. (Luckily my mum was ex MW auxiliary so had been present at many births but think that was her 1st delivery) xx


We lucky and probably will get lift (neither drive but oh's family all around us) but my midwife asked early on whether i'd be able to get to hosp or need transport. maybe ask your regular midwife if is a non emergency number you can ring if stuck??? But an ambulance probably safest x


Thanks for all your replies. I will discuss it with my regular midwife on Wed, but most likely will play it by ear. Ringing local taxi firms to find out their policy sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks x


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