Is this normal??

Sorry for a bit of a personal in detail post but i feel like the baby's coming or something...... Im 29 weeks and for the past 2 days ive had this sensation as if ive got a tampon in and am on a heavy flow! I have got discharge and do feel wet down there but the feeling like having a heavy tampon inside me is worrying..... Is this normal?? Sorry again for TMI haha! I have also been quite stressed and haven't stopped in work over the past 2 weeks don't know if that will have anything to do with it.

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Is It more when ur standing? I get s feeing like a foot is going to poke out sometimes but only if I've been standing for a long time or walking... how wet is wet? Put A panty liner on and if it's wet thru then u need to go and get checked out x

I agree pretty much with the last response

The best way I'd say would be to wear a pad for a couple of hours & if its gets so wet to the point of damp all through its best to go & visit your nearest maternity unit/ward.

Im now 30+ wks pregnant & I feel like this sometimes when Ive been walking.

Its when i walk and sit down, its not dripping wet but it is leaving discharge on the pantyliner. Sorry for the info hahaha

I reckon its pretty normal at the stage of pregnancy you're at

Sorry to ask but have you had sex in the last few days ? I also find that if I have been "intimate" with my partner I get quite alot of discharge a few days after.

I've felt exactly like this sometimes it feels as if he was gonna fall out !!! Lol md said it was normal and just your body stretching for the baby discharge aswell I never really had a problem with it until pregnant and now its every day constantly find myself going to the loo to wipe and change panty liner but have been assured this will ease after the baby arrives. This is my first and I'm 35 weeks on Wednesday so all of this was new to me too its just the joys no one tells you about lol if your really concerned talk to your md thats what they are there for xxx

Thanks, i feel more reassured about it knowing that its not just me! I was worrying that the little fella was on his way out or something haha!

Me too with the discharge thing! Having to wear panty liner at 33 weeks! It was causing a sore place on my thighs before i used the liner...its better now.. :0)

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