Anyone else had random grandparent name requests?

On the whole our families super supportive. our families have been good in taking steps back and being there when we need them, offering help when we ask and not pushing us on anything. they've been pretty much amazing. We live very near my oh's family and they are great, just keep trying to guess whether we're having a boy or girl and seem genuinely surprised we really didn't find out.

My mums side of the family live a few hours away and apart from the usual drama that goes with them they've been good too. Everyone is excited about being grandparents and they keep being called granny, granddad, gran, blah blah blah... all knowing they'll get called whatever the baby wants to say - that is except my dad! No he has to be different. To be quick I haven't had to much contact with him over years, he didn't want me when I was little then only took interest in me when suited him as I grew up, as well as always putting drink first. However, my mum never stopped me seeing him, he was my dad and I learned all by myself what an idiot he is! Until recently i'd actually cut him out as I just wasn't having him screw up my child too. Anyways with persuasion of my mum (of all people) saying yes he's an idiot but he is a grandad to I gave in and turns out he's stopped drinking (due to medication not that he's going to be a grandad. Anyway progress been slow and only when I can be bothered as he lives a lot further away seeing him more than want to isn't a problem. So what does he tell me today, he doesn't want to be a grandad, he wants to be called whatever Scottish word for it is or if there isn't one that isn't grandad whatever the Scandinavian is (I have no idea) - isn't it enough he's going to be allowed to be a part of childs life as long as he doesn't make one tiny mistake??? No!!! Anyway rant over, just wondered if anyone else had had random requests for grandparent names x

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  • I haven't really thought what my little man is gonna call my parents or my OH parents, we only live 10 mins from both so they will be around but on our terms. I always associate nanny/grandma with some little old grey haired lady lol but i think the dads will both be granddads but my mum is only 48 so i will let her be called what ever she feels comfy with lol. I am sure when ur dad meets ur little one in due course he will hopefully be happy that u have let him into the babies life and not worry what he will be called. x

  • my LO will have 3 grannies and 4 grandads. such is the beauty of the beast that is divorce. Both mine and fellas parents are divorced and all have new partners except my dad. My mum will be granny, my fellas mum will be gran and his dads missus will be nanny. My dad and stepdad will be granda (as im originally from northern ireland and thats what we say) and my fellas dad and stepdad will be grandad. But in all fairness, they will all be happy just to be part of their life.

    I think its rather strange that ur dad would rather defer from his "grandad" status but i suppose the saying is true, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This man no matter what he will be called, will still be who he is regardless and i hope for ur baby's sake that he takes his role more seriously than his younger self did of being ur dad xx

  • My oh's dad has another partner and think she's doomed to be known by her name. In fairness all the boys were grown up when the new partner came along and even though there is other siblings now they're so much younger doubt very much they'll be getting aunty or uncle either. I thought was gonna have trouble explaining the great grandparents (we are really lucky -even though both nearly 30 have all our own grandparents). Nevermind, my dad just can't do anything like everyone else - he'll get called whatever the baby decides when old enough to say and one mistake he'll just be out. It's not that I'm a mean, vengeful or a hateful person, I'm just unforgiving x

  • i dont blame u tbh and i think it is commendable u are giving him a chance with his grandchild, especially with his track record x

  • Pregnancy must have mellowed me out a bit :) x

  • My husbands parents will be grandad and gran grab, but that's because that's what their 1st grandson called them! Hugo is my parents 1st grandchild! Dad is grandpa, because he looks like a grandpa! And mum has decided on "nannyma" she said she didn't feel like granny, nanna or grandma! Lol I like it but will make birthday and Christmas cards interesting!!

  • Lol, nannyma, why choose one when you can mix it up, sounds good. At least from the baby we have things covered as far as cards are concerned. We still haven't settled on a girls name should baby be a girl though have picked a boys. Any birthday cards sent recently (which is quite a few) been signed trouble and everyone's agreed that's true lol. Did have a friend who called her grandparents moomoo and mooma, but she was strange, even by my standards :) x

  • Haha this made me lol!! X

  • My nephew whose 3 now still can't get his tongue around 'G's' so he calls my parents manma and mandad. And my mum is determined to get my little one to use it too :-)

  • My parents already have grandchildren so my mum is Nannie (yes, with an 'ie' - not really sure why....) and my Dad is Gagan as the older grandchildren couldn't say Grandad and its just stuck .... the oldest grandchild is now 9yrs old lol x

  • My ex in laws wanted to be called nana and grandad but my kids chose nanny and grampie. Kids will call them what they like mostly comes down to what they can say. I don't think you can change their minds too much.

  • sureley if the name was that important to him in an alternate language he would know what it was and make the request to by that specific word not the generalised request he has made !

    my son calls my dad 'gaga' as he said it b4 being able to say daddy, he is nearly 4 and it has stuck, my dad loves it :0 . he doesnt have a grandad as such on his dads side ( didnt play a part in raising his own kids and therefore not his grankids ). we have 2 nannas and its normally just 'nanna' or 'nanna and gaga' to differenciate but i use there 1st names too nanna Kath / marie . both my grandparents were nanna and grandad and we used their last names to determin which 1 we were refering to. my son refered to my grandparents that he saw as grandma and grandpa ( grandpa sadly no loger with us ) they requested granny and grandad but he decided other wise, apart from nanna he has given them there names .kids have a habit of saying and doing what they want !!!

  • You would think but he is a pillock!!! I don't even call him dad so trying this really did annoy me. Is for the baby to decide, when I was little had great grandparents as well so there was nana and grandad, gran and grandad, then gran link and so on. Children know the difference and make up own mind. Besides this child most certainly already has a mind of it's own and hasn't even arrived yet!! :) x

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