Could this be a sign of early labour?

Hi I'm 36 weeks pregnant and yesturday I woke up feeling terrible with a headache, feeling sick and just realy tired. Felt pretty bad all day and very sick when I ate my dinner so had an early night! This mornin I have woke up with pain across my lower back and lower tummy could this be a sign labours on its way or is it just my little pip growin that's making me feel rough?

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Hi Louise87

It's a possiblity at the stage of pregnancy you're at.

Its also important to not jump to any conclusions too soon too as some "not all" staff in many of our "glourious NHS hospitals" can be a bit "judgemental" .

Give your body as much rest as possible today & see how you feel.



My midwife was positive when I was just coming up to 36 weeks that I was gona be giving birth soon after! I had soooo many prelabour symptoms, contractions, tightenings, pains, the works (trust me the poor ladies on here have heard all about it haha!!) Anyway long story short I am now 40+2 weeks and no baby!! Lol. Apparently I have an irritable uterus which can cause early labour symptoms. So try to relax and go with the flow :-) the last 4 weeks have dragged for me as I have been on edge waiting! x


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