Early baby - missing pregnancy

So my little Ted arrived 6 weeks early , 5 pounds nine. He's fine (if a little towie orange) and we spent ten days in hospital getting feeding sorted and such, although I'm using nipple shields and topping up with expressed milk as he gets tired feeding.

Trouble is, I just want to cry all the time. I really miss being pregnant and having him safe and close - even though he is both on the outside too. I wasn't even on maternity leave when he arrived. I think I'm a bit shocked and full of hormones. Anyone else/any advice? OH is being brilliant and supportive but it feels like a lot.

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Oh bless you must of been a shock to the system and u weren't ready so adjusting will take time and also being in hospital for a while is hard to deal with and the hormones go all over the place again as they try and settle down. Make sure u talk about how ur feeling. .. don't bottle it up .I Always cry a few days after just feel so over whelmed with it all. .. but if it continues u should make sure ur not getting pnd....I had it but didn't realise until I looked back..I practically lived in my bedroom for a month felt anxious about going out but in the end I pushed myself slow steps. Ask Urself how u feel in a few days and what ur Oh thinks.. hope u Start to feel better xx


Firstly Congratulations on the arrival on your little bundle of joy!!!

I can imagine the shock when you went into labour and hope it wasn't traumatic.

My friend was in very simular situation her little girl arrived 5 weeks earlier and she too was still working so she didn't get those few very much needed couple of weeks off before the baby arrived. Like you she was very overwhelmed at the begging and emotional so she opt to get help for first few weeks, nothing to be ashamed of. I think it does help talking about how you feel, your worries and ask for help when you need it. I hear the first week most mothers cry so it is very normal.

Is your husband?partner around a lot atm? Or have you got any relatives that can help out?

I am sorry I can't give you any advice but I hope you feel better very soon (I am sure you will) and those hormones easy up a bit xx


Yes my partner is around and being great - I'm a bit anxious about him going back to work though and worried I'll be lonely. Rest of the family are a bit far away. Thanks for the sympathy; talking does help and the GP is keeping an eye. Also feel better when I've slept. Sure it will go - just not yet and I hate feeling sad for no real reason


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