Breathless-ness at 30wks of pregnancy?

Hi ladies,

Since I've woke up this morning I feel as if Ive been holding something on my chest.

I haven't got a cold or being exposed to any cold conditions or anything it just feels as if the air I'm breathing isn't fully entering my lungs properly (today).

I know that every woman & every pregnancy can be controlled or dealt with in different ways but I've always thought around this stage of pregnancy (30 wks today) you are meant to gain a Lil' control back over some of your organs as the baby gradually drops down into the pelvic / birth canal

I don't know if its just me "exaggerating" but I feel as if im breathing extra hard just to compensate on the lack (or the feel) of my lungs not getting enough oxygen.

Any advise is much appreciated " as always"


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Hi hun do you think could be your iron? I had that feeling alot around this time and turns out iron low xx


It could be, I've mainly thought i could just be feeling "very" tired due to broken sleep at nights for loo trips & etc... but now you've mentioned it i guess its worth checking out




Hope you feel better hun xx


With your baby growing still very rapidly (still got 10 weeks to go!), it is only normal for your lungs to be squashed a bit. Unless you have a history of asthma or other respiratory problems I would not worry about it (nevertheless it is always reassuring to give your midwife a call).

You can try to open up your chest cavity with a few exercises like holding a belt with your arms straight and wide enough to bring them over your head and then behind your back. Repeat a few times, it gives your chest a good stretch. Or an easier one: place your hands on your waist and bend slightly sideways to one side e.g. left. Take your right arm over your head and stretch to your left side for a few breaths. Repeat on other side. Also it might be helpful to try and breath with your belly rather than your chest. Belly breath tends to fill your lungs with more air.


I'm just coming up 30 weeks and feeling my ribs and lungs getting squashed. I've found it's cos the little monster is sitting higher than usual in my bump? Also, I had a hard job getting breath for about 20 mins the other day cos the baby was stretching into my right ribcage :S

If you still feel breathless tomorrow though, might be worth getting checked?



thanks hols-13

I've sadly just gotten used to that feeling of my ribs being squashed as the baby decided to start that "rib war" from quite early on in the pregnancy.

Thanks for the advise though I'll be a bit more cautious tommrow "I think"



That sounds familiar. Some days I feel almost as if I can't catch my breath. It's my third pregnancy -this baby seems to shift from low in my pelvis to very high whenever he/she feels like it.

Like you I've slowed down significantly. I was a regular runner before I became pregnant this time so it's a bit of surprise to feel this way. I have a blood test next wed so will see Iif it is iron level related.


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