My Ultra Baby 3D scan


We went to growth scan ay Myultra baby. However, the ultrasound was really bad we could not see anything. Our purpose was to know our baby´s health of course. as we paid 100 pound and could not see it was disappointing. Anyway is there anybody who went to 3d-4d scan at myultra baby? I think the limit is at 34 weeks. I am now 30+5 thinking to go to 3d. Any ideas?


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7 Replies

  • Buy something nice for the baby and save your money. I've not seen our baby in 18 weeks (not since the 20 wk scan) and hopefully we will be meeting in around 2 wks time :) Cannot wait

  • Yeh I wud b annoyed to hav paid all tht and not seen a great deal...did u say anything? I personally dont really like 3d/4d scans...they freak me out a bit..dunno why so personally I agree with cheekymonkey, buy something special with the money. ..something personal.

  • Lol yh I'm not a fan of them either really. I think the babies all look the same! I could just borrow my mates one and show it around as mine and no one would be any the wiser haha!

  • They should compensate you or rebook the appointment. Other place for 3D scan is the London Foetal clinic.

  • Sorry meant the fetal medicine clinic

  • Thanks for the replies. 3d scans also shows the growth. I wonder weight of the baby and well being.

  • I had a scan with my Ultra Baby at 9 and a half weeks more for reassurance than anything and I had no problems. I have a 3d scan booked with them next Wednesday so can let you know how I get on if you like?

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