Back before I found out I was pregnant, I suffered with shin splints really badly and was referred to orthopedics. I only had that appointment today (at 18wks) My specialist watched me walk and examined my legs and feet. Then told me about the footwear I should be wearing.

Apparently while pregnant, fully flat shoes are bad for you (I was flabbergasted! all i wear is ballerina type shoes or trainers) apparently the best shoes to wear are the shoes with small wedge heels to give u a slight elevation as this distributes the excess weight better.

Anyways, I found out that I have 1 leg longer than the other by an inch and walk by rocking on my feet rather than how u should walk, so i have to wear insoles to correct my bone posture and alignment. I feel sorry for baby as ive got this and my partner had an offset hip deformity at birth, poor little mite doesnt stand a chance lol.

Anyways, i thought id share knowledge wealth. flat flat shoes are a no-no in pregnancy from foot doctor herself :) ha! I'm in shock....

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  • Oooooh delighted to hear this (not your dodgy legs ... I mean the heels!). I'm a short arse at 5' 1" and love my heels. I struggle to walk in flat shoes, partly, I believe, due to my very high instep and partly due to the fact that I've lived in heels for about 25 years! Ha, I can't wait to tell those people who tell me off that flats ain't good for ya :p OK, my 4 inches prob aren't the best either .....

    I've got one leg shorter than the other (by a couple of cm). Found out from a tailor who was measuring me up for a work uniform many years ago. I do get a bit of hip pain occasionally but nothing that bothers me too much. Hope your legs don't give you too much jip over the next few months x

  • Interesting. .. and good to know...I need to get some maybe my pains would go a bit! I Have got some with bit of a padded sole so think I'll be sticking to them x

  • lol bit late for me now as due next week but good to know. have been living in flip flops for last 2 months anyway even tho I cant see my feet and my painted toes i have found them comfortable, it was shoes tht were enclosed tht made my feet hurt. x

  • Same for me, nothing else would go on my feet. OH calls me Prof Clump!! Also I had to loose any strapping early. Good job the worst of the swelling been this summer because if was s winter baby I would have to he wearing flip flops in the snow! X

  • haha! I'm glad the advice has perked a few ladies up (esp armywag :P). I couldnt believe it, i thought flats were best to give u good balance etc. I was very wrong! x

  • how interesting....i want to wear my wedged heels but i cant seem to fit my feet in them :( ive been wearing flip flops and flats too! Even had my flip flops on in the rain the other feet are already size 8, i refuse to buy bigger!

  • Oh sod that! My little feet barely cope with heels at the best of times, let alone at this size! It's flats and flip flops all the way for me and it feels gooooood! Lol

  • You may be in need of insoles for flat feet if the inside of your arch touches the floor when standing. This can happen from injury, simple wear and tear, or lack of arch development during childhood. Obesity also increases your risk of flat feet, or "fallen arches". But more often, a flat foot results from excess pronation, where the ankle rolls too far downward and inward with each step. This causes the foot's arch to collapse and lengthen, giving the appearance of flat feet.

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