Famous quote

Famous quote

"If your going through hell, keep going" winston Churchill

"With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts" Eleanor Roosevelt

Two quotes to keep in mind as a new parent. For some of you this is the first time at becoming a parent for others like myself we know what to expect.

So you want to breastfeed but find after a week its too much, its tiring its stressful your not sure baby is getting enough, your learning to know what each sound each cry means. Your sleep deprived and don't know what day is which, you haven't got two minutes to shower go the toilet... And believe me this will happen........Take in mind the first quote from winston Churchill.

The first week is like hell you have this bundle of joy who wants all your attention the feeding isn't going well, or so you think. baby is feeding practically every hour, your thinking is this right? I'm not producing enough! you hit bottom and switch to formula.

But don't give up keep going the first week is tough baby feeds a lot every hour or two to stimulate milk supply it takes on average 3-5 days for your milk to come in and once it does it take another few weeks to regulate them. But the more you feed the more your body determines what baby needs. The more you feel great about feeding baby yourself.

It is hard but very rewarding and I as a mummy of three am gutted that my first two babies didn't get what my Louis is getting right now. I did the above I gave up and went to formula. When I think about it I set myself up. I'd already set in my mind that I would bottle feed. Prior to birth I bought bottles the steriliser dummy's you name it i had it already pre thought out . However when asked I said I'm going to feed baby by the breast.

This time round I was Adamant that I would breastfeed. I didn't buy anything only a steriliser for my breast pump for those extra full boobs to save the milk to freeze. I did my research online and with the support of my husband I'm still exclusively breastfeeding at 8weeks post partum. He is always telling me how proud he is that I'm still going Louis is putting on weight he's totally healthy little baby.

That first week I did think about giving up but my online research told me 'keep going push through it as it gets better' And it does it really does. So that ties in my other quote "with a new day, comes new strength and thoughts" Eleanor Roosevelt.

Take each day as it comes enjoy being a new parent have the support of a loved one for encouragement. Each day does get better parenthood is tough but each day brings new strength and alters your thoughts so that you do think I can do this.

This post is about keeping those quotes in mind and your previous thoughts before you became a parent. They don't just tie in with breastfeeding. That's just my story. but keep them close through out the challenging first year of being a new parent because it isn't all plain sailing and sometime we do need to keep going. :-)

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Thank you very much for the inspirational post!


Well done. That's very inspiring. I very much want to exclusively breastfeed my third. I recall the trials and tribulations I went through before - especially with my first. We got there in the end :-)


Thanks for this, my journey is due to begin very soon xx


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