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Back Pain Post Pregnancy!


So as you may know I broke my back when I was 15, luckily I didn't suffer any paralysis but had pretty much constant back ache since. No amount of physio helped and didn't care for spending the rest of my life on tramadol so just accepted the pain and got on with life!

Surprisingly during pregnancy I coped well with the additional pain however now 8 weeks after giving birth, pain is worse than it was before. I gained about 1 stone (after baby) and have lost most of it. I'm not a big person, 5.1ft and 7.5 stone so it can't be weight related!? Can only think it's my posture? From adapting to having a bump?

Anyone any ideas?


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I broke mine at 19. 34 wks and suffering. attending physio now and did say pregnancy can bring out old problems. Could be posture or perhaps weight bearing now from picking up the baby. Do you breast feed? Just asking because was told I might not be able too because of the extra pressure would put on my back. Might be your back adjusting to not having the bump anymore too. Our whole posture changing and so on. Not much help, but maybe things you could ask gp about x


Ahh poor you! I'm pretty good at ignoring pain! Walked round for 2 days with my broken back and went shopping and out for tea when in labour with contractions 3-5mins apparent but this is niggling me now! You could be right about lifting baby! He is turning into a chunky monkey!!

I breast fed and back wise it wasn't an issue! I either say bolt upright with shoulders back and lots of pillows supporting back and also under baby. Really wasn't a problem for me, I did have to stop though but that was because Hugo had terrible colic!!

I saw an anaestethist early in the pregnancy, he was marvellous and re assured me I would be able to have an epidural. Perhaps you can get referred to one if you haven't been already! The chap I saw also advised on tips for pain relief during pregnancy.

I'll try see my gp if things don't improve, I'd like to see the spinal injuries consultant that cared for me when it happens but I have moved away from that area so very unlikely I'd get referred back to him! :o(

Can I ask out of interest how you broke your back? X

I fell off a horse. Was jumping at uni (did equine studies) and the horse went one way and I went the other. Got up got back on, and was another hour before realised had done something serious. thing was had a useless care system where I was. First doctor said was pulled muscle and so I continued for two weeks before got to see another doctor who basically could put his finger into a space where part of a vertebrae used to be. Was a bit unpleasant. I was lucky like you, no paralysis but have had loads of probs since. However because wasn't xrayed at time and just had pain management and odd physio sessions when it's been really bad in the mean time. So I'm suffering for it and the one thing that would help is an xray, but will have to wait. Now have to say have the best nhs care have ever received, couldn't ask for them to be better. waiting to see anaesthetist, midwife chasing it up, but bit of a prob since not 100% sure where injury is. Know roundabout where the injury is so hopefully that'll be enough.

You prob wouldn't get referred back to same one, but might get referred to one just as good. Hope you get some relief soon. Apparently exercising on a gym ball should help, takes the pressure off. I'm using it but not convinced working yet x


Oh Damon horses me too!! I think I'd have been better off if I had surgery! But was on bed rest for 5 weeks while the fracture stabilised and then 6 months in a body cast! Not great at 15 about to start FACEs but thank my lucky stars I wasn't in a wheelchair!!

I had a lot of acupuncture to treat the pain (way before pregnancy) it was the only thing but ever helped but very expensive and I just couldn't afford it unfortunately. Regular doctors dot believe in it and it won't work for everyone but if you can I'd recommend giving it a try! X

Bloomin horses lol! Did you ever get back to riding? I did and only pregnancy stopped me (though never got back to level was at), but now looks like might not be able to go back to it :( hoping for the best. Midwife suggested acupuncture and said some surgeries do now offer it on nhs so maybe you could ask if it's available near you? Unfortunately my area doesn't but my OH looking into it privately, is expensive though.

Glad I didn't end up in body cast, though looking back would probably have stopped half the problems have had since. So would the doctors doing job in first place. And now I'm on crutches. But never mind, we live and learn. With luck might not be too late to fix some of it, assuming get through next five - six weeks without any more catastrophes :) x


Nah I got back on one a few years later but I was very badly affected and still struggle to be any where near a horse even now!!

See if your OH has been on the British acupuncture council site it is very informative and has a link to find therapists in your area! X

joda in reply to Hidden

Thanks. Will do. That's a shame, think I was very lucky happened so fast wasn't much to remember x


It is worth visiting your GP for a referral to a neurosurgeon for an MRI. As you know the centre of gravity changes during pregnancy which also changes the posture and places more weight/pressure to structures on your back that may did not get affected before. It is possible that the posture change and weight during pregnancy may have aggravated your back in a new way, which should be checked out in case you need intervention. Once you know that structurally you are OK, it would be good to embark on an exercise programme with a physio to strengthen the back muscles to better support your spine. Clinical trials on chronic low back pain patients have shown that the combination of pharmacotherapy with physio and cognitive behavioural therapy bring about the best results. Best of luck!

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