28 weeks pregnant .... Need some advice pls?

Last few wks I ve been getting wired feeling down below it itches n stings but only seems to be after having intercourse for couple days and then it goes.... Fri I had midwife and had no signs of infections , bout three wks ago I thought it was thrush so went to doc and doc treated it as thrush then two wks later I had oral thrush do you think it could of come back or could it be something else....

Feel bit embarrassed as only ever get thrush when pregnant so it's not cos I m not clean or anything I m just bit concerned now ? Any tips or help would be grateful

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During pregnancy many women ( including myself) can experience something called "chaffing" of the skin. some days are better than others but at times it can cause alot of itching & sometimes something like a burning sensation ( alot like thrush really!)

Especially if the weather is a bit "warm" like recent days the best thing you can do is try & wear looser clothing so you'll feel less sticky!



Is there anything else I can do part from loose clothing ? Or is that it? Thanks for your reply x


Many women experience thrush and it is not a case of poor hygiene as ur vagina has a regular array of bacteria (both good and bad) living there 24/7 regardless.

When u got treated for thrush, did ur partner also get treated? If he has the infection without realising it and u "go down" on him then it could explain the oral thrush 2weeks later.

To help prevent another spell of it, u could try wearing cotton knickers as it is a breathable material. And try to stay clear of tight jeans. Also, always wipe urself from front to back after the loo. I think after that, its in the hands of the gods.

Hope u feel better soon xx


Try using lube when you have sex - even though you feel like you have copious discharge in pregnancy, it's often not as thick as pre-pregnancy...

Assuming they sent a iTunes sample to the lab as well as swabs? X


I got thrush quite a few times...u just need to keep treating it I'm afraid and over washing will just make it worse and just wear cotton briefs if u can g strings. Apparently makes it worse.....try eating the bio yogurts as well too much yeast in ur body can make it worse...but don't take the oral tab....not advisable in pregnancy for me it's all down to hormones I think as I used to suffer every month before my period I had my coil removed and it slowly improved but I have a major sweet tooth which doesn't help!what us women have to go through eh! :)


Thanks for all your reply s I think I will 're treat it and take all tips on board too .. x


Fermented foods are very effective too in treating and managing the infection. Fermented food and alcohol depletes nutrients which allows the proliferation of the fungus.For people who need help there's this website with great information on getting read of yeast infection and it really helped me. Here's the link :

Hope it helps someone too


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