6 months and 2 weeks - where is the time flying

6 months and 2 weeks - where is the time flying

Hi ladies, I have not been here since a long time and just dropped by to check all the lovely people. many of you are now mums (congratulations all of all) and the community of mum-hood is just growing ! how wonderful :D

So it is true my days are longer and my months are shorter. Where did the time go??

Little Miss Isabella Blok is a very funny girl on her half-year birthdate she surprised us with her own birthday tune (oh! really that was a tune her first song la la lllallllaaa going very very musically making us wonder do we have a singer here)

We also have a very hardworking baby who is travelling (crawling) backwards into the space (sic! not time :( ) . Realizing that the toys are going away she has now started rotating on her axis and making her own tiny pile of stuffs (which includes the piano, few balls and panda bear who have to also rotate with her and she will very meticulously keep them on the next spot she wants to travel to in her rotational circumference)

Since a week she has also perfected bum-shake while on her all fours (which is indicating we definitely have trace of a very popular future singer)

And yesterday in a failed (and tearful) attempt to reach a bigger and brighter ball she leap-froged (sending the ball away and crying for failure)

We have already had our first hair-cut and now its time for the second one ! (Which Grand-dad dint let us have - Proud he is ). Well yes we took a trip out of UK and were very well behave on the plane, on the onward journey we made friends with everyone around and during return we slept like a rose only to realize on landing that we are not home yet (how is that possible!)

We have also got some modeling agencies calling but we have no idea on how to go about them (so any advise is a good advise for us) (psssttt again a sign of a future performer)

Clapping on mum's hand is fun but Hi5 is not so like-able.

And meanwhile mum has started me on solid food (which is ok, but strawberries mmmmmmmmmmmmmm they are awesome they look sooooo goood specially when they are mashed and cold)

Also I sometimes tease mum by saying 'mummmmmmmmaaaa' while I cry (not that i am calling her, because I call her Dada)

And yes I have a little separation anxiety but with my Dad (mum is not going anywhere it seems!)

My favorite toy is my baby jumper oh! I can hang in there whole day !!

and I have a friend in my mirror because I get so happy seeing her (she is so cute!)

Mum is also telling me counting on fingers (so you can catch me revising that on the dinning table when no one is looking)

and I know what to touch on my mum's face when she says 'eyes' and 'nose'

Overall - I think we have a lovely baby and would just like to share some happiness :)

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Nice to hear from you Ritz and to hear that you're all doing so well. Isabella is gorgeous, that hair is amazing! My son had hair that grew like the clappers - 4 hair cuts by his first birthday!

It sounds like she is exactly as she should be - a little monkey ;-) x

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hahahaha - yes I can imagine having 4 as well (although my heart tears when I have to cut those cute curls)


ahh what a cutie, and what a head of hair,

glad to hear things are going well and little Isabella is doing well,

so nice to hear positive stories and happy progress on the tough few weeks at the very beginning,

I agree time is going super quick, my finley was 5 months on the 10th but he has hardly any hair lol.

hope you all continuing having fun xx

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OH! Finley looks suuch happy adorable baby - I got laughters from Isabella only recently (the paper tearing trick worked :P )


Nice to hear from you. Lovely post. She is a cutie:-)


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