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growth scan

I had a growth scan today and the ac is above the 95th centile,

doctor said looks like baby will be about 8-9lb at the moment, I know growth scans are never accurate but my daughter & son were big babies. im 38w1d and im measuring normal 38w ,im due on the 8th sep but ive to go and get a sweep on the 6th. do you think baby will be really big? has any1been over the 95th centile?

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Not sure what centile my growth scans were but had one at 37 weeks and they told me baby would be 7.5 to 8.5 lb if born at 40 weeks. He was born at 39 exactly and was 6.12 don't think scans are very accurate tbh!! X


My friend had growth scans with her two girls. First was supposed to be overweight and ended up small and second was meant to be small and came out big. I've been having growth scans but I am not stressing. They say he is big but I think he's clever that's why he has a big head and he will be tall like his dad that's why his legs are so long :-p


thanks for the replys :)

yeah im just gni take it with a pinch of salt, theyr never accurate with growth scans so I,ll just wait &c what my we man will weigh, maybe will be big but my 2 other kids were 10lb4&half so who knows could be big or be smaller :)


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