Bored now!

Staying In again drs now don't want to send me home with nebuliser or steriods but want me to manage with just inhalers. .. told them I wasn't coping with them and that's why I ended up in here! So they said another day of nebulisers and theni have to see how I get on if I get worse I'll have to come back and be admitted. .and I've got to come and see consultant and asthma dr this thurs.... so frustrating as I know if I'm struggling with just my inhalers I could just get muddle along but then there's the worry of it getting that bad that I'm really not well again and admitted and I just want to get everything just so at home in time for baby.... just sitting here mulling everything over in my head! :(


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2 Replies

  • Aww sweet poor you x just concentrate on growing that little bundle xx

  • Aww not good Hun but least your both in best place for now x

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