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A baby boy!!!

Well the day finally arrived where we met our bump...a beautiful baby boy.

On Tuesday 20th August at 19.16pm baby Eoin Jack O'Hara was welcomed into the World at 7lb 9oz.

My labour didnt quite go as I might of imagined but the end

result was a perfect baby boy so who cares?

I laboured for 15 hours and spent 3 if those fully dilated with no progress so I was taken into Theatre for an assisted delivery. A scan revealed a baby very deep in the pelvis in a difficult position ruling out a forceps or ventouse delivery.

As a result our baby boy was delivered successfully by emergency caesarean.

We can honestly say the months trying to conceive, the 9 months of joys and anxieties and the 15 hour labour was 100% worth the wait to finally hold our baby boy.

Eoin is now 6 days old and is already developing the cutest and fascinating little personality - congratulations and best wishes to all the women on this forum...the wait will definitely be worth it.

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Ahhhhh Congratulations on your new arrival, what an unusual name too. What a shame you had to go through nearly a full delivery only to end up with a C-Section in the end....I hope you are recovering well and not finding it to hard looking after your wee man :) Take Care X


Congratulations :-) I agree its all worth it. Enjoy every second sweet xx


Congratulations hun!!!its amazing how you forget all the pains and problems during pregnancy as soon as you see your baby! Like you said its all worth it.enjoy your little beautiful boy.wishing you speedy recovery xx


Big congrats glad everything was ok in the end x


Awww congratulations on the birth of your little boy enjoy every second with him as it will go so quickly x


Congratulations!! Hope your recovery is speedy :-)


Congratulations, lovely news. Hope you are feeling well and recovery doesn't take too long. Enjoy your little man and getting to know each other x


Massive congrats!!

Hope you recover well and enjoy every second of baby Eoin :-)

Sending big hugs xXx


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