Anyone else an emotional wreck?

I'm 34 weeks & was awake on & off all night last night with what I think was braxton hicks but were painful, today I'm having a complete meltdown. My partner went out to watch the match & we had ahuge row before he went cos I'm going abit stir crazy in the house & am abit resentful of him going out. His friends are near were we live & my friends & family are 4 hours away so feeling abit isolated & dependent on him, not use to feeling this way , it's not me

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bless, its hard when your far from everyone. My family and friends are about 3 hours away and it is hard, esp if your tied more to the house or in my case flat. I hate feeling so dependent on my partner, even though he's doing everything to make things easier, its hard not to want to scream because you can't do very much by yourself, esp if don't know anyone. I found the phone to be my one saviour at the moment. If feeling to down there is always a friend or relative to pick up, even just to tell me what they are up to. Also asked some to visit if they could and my grandparents did just that on Tuesday just for a couple of hours, yes seems like a cheek to ask them to travel so far, but at mo I can't and sometimes being a bit selfish is ok. Cheered me up a lot. if meltdown is too much have a word with midwife, sometimes they can offer someone to talk to just to get your feelings across. as understanding as men can be, they have their limits and can be really dense when it comes to why your feeling down, even my oh is guilty of that on occasions.

Also maybe go out with your other half, just for dinner or a walk or the cinema (if you can sit in those chairs for that long). Doing something together will cheer you up and help him see why your going stir crazy. Hope you're feeling better soon x


hello little bean,

while you are going through the most wonderful time of your life you are also going through the worst,most men do not and will not ever understand what a pregnant woman goes through and half of them don't want too!!it sounds like your chap is quite understanding though and while he can only see the changes on the outside he can not see what is happening to you on the inside,tell him you are a tad emotional and feel a little lonely when he is not there and thank him for his current support,suggest going to see friends or for a meal together as this is the only time in these next few weeks you will both go out together again as a couple,make the most of your time now even if its just a nice bubble bath for two,as when baby comes you will no longer be a couple but a family and your chap will miss the you time then too,but you need to make him realise that now and make these next few weeks couple time,going for a walk,a picnic,to see a film anything that you will both miss doing on your own when baby arrives.being a family is wonderful but you wouldn't be a family if you hadn't been a couple first.good luck hope all goes well and if all else fails you still have us ladies on here!xx


I get u, I am not sleeping much either and on it's own thts a toll on ur body. Hav u spoke to ur other half and let him know how u feel about u feeling on ur own..My boyfriend has gone to cricket today and I was meant to be going too but at 38 weeks I gave it a miss and insisted he still went with a friend. As much as I love him I also understand tht in 2 weeks out lifes will change forever and we hav both been makin the most of our social lifes as wnt b as easy in few weeks but I understand your family live a while u not hav anyone near by? Are there any groups in ur area for mums to be? I am grateful of the peace this weekend am catching up on sleep and he is having time with his mates. X


Thanks ladies, it's hard cos my oh is going through some stuff aswell, separate to the baby coming & he's stressed. I don't mean to take it out on him but I don't like talking to friends & family cos I don't like worrying them when I am so far away. I think I just need to try & shake myself off & motivate myself. I definitely want to make more of an effort to be a couple & have been doing but just had a rough week. I always feel better after hearing from you ladies on here that I am not alone. Thanks x


You are not the only one. I think most of us are pretty emotional right now. Even if there were no hormones and the tiredness I still think it is only right to have some TLC.

I am in a quite a state and pissed off with my partner too. I have my in laws visiting who are very inconsiderate. The excuse for coming over was to take care of me but all they are doing is going sightseeing. They don't even ask me how I feel or whether I need anything. And on top of that I feel like my hubby does not have my back. He admitted himself that their behaviour is unacceptable but he is doing nothing to help.

The only relief I found was to call a friend and have a rant. Try it! I am sure it will make you feel better. Also don't be afraid to show your partner that you need him (or ask a friend to talk to him). Eventually he will get the picture. But in the meantime get all the help and support you can find from anywhere, even the local NCT.


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