What a day!

Kind of stressed out atm. My Dad got taken into hospital yesterday with something that didnt seem too serious, but still it needed to be looked at. Found out this morning that it wasnt what they thought, and he had quite a major operation last night. So as soon as visiting times started i was there, took in some sweets but i knew he wouldnt want them yet. He was doped up on morphine, was strange seeing him like that. At least hes on the mend, slowly. he will be in there for five days or so, but hes going to take a while to fully recover i think. I prepared myself to see him like that all morning, and i didnt cry! i think that would have made him worse if he saw me upset. In fact, i havent cried at all. But i dont think it will take much to set me off. Ive been all moody and snappy at my poor man all night. Bless him! it seems all im doing is moaning at him about one thing or another atm. At least i know he understands. He still smiles at me when im being a cow!

At least i know exactly where the maternity ward is in the hospital now. And baby is fine! Kicking away! Just been a stressful day for me and i needed some release! Hope everyone is doing well!

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  • Hi hun just to say im wishing yr dad a speedy recovery and you take care :-) xxx

  • Hope your dad on the mend. Baby's seem to cope better with our stress than we do, hopefully wont be to stressful for to long x

  • Ahh bless glad he is ok morphine does make ua bit funny so don't worry too much while he is out of it horrible and worrying but glad all is ok x

  • Hope your dad makes quick recovery and you and baby get to de-stress too :-) x

  • Oh dear, wish your dad better quickly. Hope u r ok too x

  • hope ur dad makes a speedy recovery, take care of urself too. xx

  • My best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad and lots of rest and calmness for you. The positive side of this is that whatever the issue was they caught it on time and fixed it. Take care of yourself

  • Thanks ladies! Feeling a bit better after having a decent sleep. Plus it looks like dad has been on the ipad through the night so he must be on the mend. Thanx again everyone x

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