Legs and ankles still feel heavy postpartum?

I've given birth 17 days ago, got IV and lots of fluids, my legs looked like massive sausages afterwards for about a week, which I was told was normal. The swelling is now completely gone but when I sleep/ lie down I still feel them baing heavy/ bit painful. Anyone had this/ is this still ok? Was going to call MV but expecting the traditional 'take paracetamol' reply ... Thanks

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I am sorry this is beyond my expertise and I cannot give you a confident answer but it might help you to do a few stretches in order to get things moving again in your muscles. Also if you have time for a massage, do give it a try as it helps drain the lymphatic system. Here are a few stretches you can try:

To stretch your calf muscles, stand with the front half of your feet on a step, with your heels hanging off the edge. Slowly lower your heels so that they are below the level of the step. Hold for a few seconds before lifting your heels back up to the starting position. Repeat a number of times.

In addition to the midwife it might be worth calling the GP. S/he may recommend a more thorough check. Best of luck!


Thank you, will try the stretches. x


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