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hi Ladies,

Isabella seem to be really bothered by wind. One gassy baby she is :P. although we try burping her for around 30 minutes after every feed, its just not helping as much.

I am combining bottle and breast feed (BF was just not enough for my little one). Also using EBM where possible.

giving peppermint water (suggested by health visitor), Infacol (which was useless in our case) and would graduate to gribe water if she continues with her gassiness at 1 month (which is a week from now). regulating my own diet etc.

i was curious about companies advertising anti-coli bottles. Can anyone tell how do they work ?? and how good they are ?

Also after finding the horrible taste of sma formula milk i shifted to cow&gate (to me it tasted very close to my own milk, sorry tmi!,) but wondering if one forrmula is better than another and what are the general suggestions from mums ??

thanks for advise on this

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Hi Ritz

I had the same prob with my little girl from about 5 weeks. I think it's a case of finding what works for your LO as all bubbas are different. I changed from aptamil to hipp organic milk and found detinox to be good for bringing up burps (can feed from a syringe or add to their milk) - infacol and grip water didn't really do much for us. I also tried colief in her milk but that didn't do much either. We use MAM anti colic bottles which are great, theyre also self sterilising which is really handy. Dr browns are good too. The anti colic bottles just prevent them from sucking in as much air. Little Remi has more or less grown out of it now as she's 3 months but I remember how hard it was when she was constantly wriggling and uncomfortable with trapped wind. :-( Also we still burp her half way thru her feed which helps...Good luck hun xxx


Not sure how the anti colic bottles work but they do! We have avent and they just have this extra ring that goes in the rim of the bottle. Hugo was entirely bf till 5 weeks when colic just got too much! I give him aptamil comfort which is specially formulated for colic and constipation! Since using this and the bottles and no breastfeeding, no colic, wind comes up in less than 2 mins! X


I am using Avent now - he i really hope she gets better - she seem to prefer maa's milk than bottle though (I guess she likes the idea of cuddling near to mumma's heart preference is more towards the left than right side, so just guessing).


Colief!!! It's amazing!

Most babies have a relative deficiency in lactase. Colief is essentially lactase! It's been a godsend! We tried Infacol and gripe water before hand. We've had no problems at all since adding Colief to his evening bottle (he either has 100-120ml of formula or EBM before bed as it knocks him out for 4 hours!! - we only need it for the formula as it has a much higher carb load than BM). The nan that developed Colief should be knighted!!! I am not paid by Colief!! :-p


Hahahaha I liked the way you ended it ;)

I would try Colief - are you using any anti-colic formula too ?? (and I thought its only my LO who gets KO with EBM at night :P - mumma drug :P )

and a nice pic of your LO he looks cute


My Lena is just over two weeks old and she gets uncomfortable during feeding - I had no joy initially trying to burp her until paediatric nurse showed me how to do it- literally SLAP the back which I thought was a bit hard but seems to work. I also watch what I eat- I know in UK they say you can eat anything but I noticed whatever gives me wind- baked beans, citrus fruit, heavy stuff like curry - is not good for her either. So I eat boring but healthy stuff like cereals, milk, yogurts, eggs, wholemeal bread, pasta etc and fingers crossed, the wind subsided. I also use infacol, not sure it helps but sure it doesn't hurt. Good luck! X


Oh and so far I BF exclusively.


You are one lucky girl to be able to BF exclusively - I have been trying hard for my supplies to build up (but initial lack of food leading to her weight loss and my lack of understanding on BF etc left me much disillusioned and helpless -thankfully we are back on track now !).

Yeah I nooticed that too my husband can always burp her better - mumma is just too sweet for it :( would try to be little more hard though

I was told this morning that Carom seeds with salt and hot water helps prevent gassy BF babies (grand-maa said so) - you may also want to try eating that as you are BF too :) (have them in my mouth now and Godness they taste like hell :( )


Hehe, you made me laugh ;) I know, BF was so difficult in the beginning, I'm hopefully doing ok now but still bought formula just in case.

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these dayys i am making and refrigerating formula every night, just to use them in my morning tea/coffee :D


My LO is 6 weeks and I've been mixing both breast and formular I've got them dr browns anti colic bottles but she was still suffering with wind been told that whatever I eat affects her I noticed that when I had a tummy ache she had it too! I've decided to stop breastfeeding yesterday not easy though milk leaking boobs swollen and painful but today she did not cry with wind at all! Will keep on monitoring her.


awww hun, I can so relate with you - but i think I would still continue with BF as long as i can (she is only 4 weeks on Monday) plus I think if I can check my diet she would be in lesser trouble !

And somehow I have noticed my LO has her peculiar ways of telling when she wants BF and when Formula feed from Dad or Nana (she would start kicking me if she wants to be fed by someone else). Talk of being choosy !!


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