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headache has got worse today and been having chest pains! Which Has worried me! They have been getting worse as the days gone on. .. had an ecg bloods. . Blood pressure is fine thou and no protein...can't seem to keep any fluid in thou.. as soon as I'm drinking I wee it out! baby is on monitor and just waiting to see a dr... just feel so exhausted :(.....dr rekons my pain in chest is my asthma. .. been wheezing the last half hour, being admitted for nebulisers! I didn't expect that! Although my asthma has got worse since I've been pregnant!

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  • Aw hun, it's good you've gone back to be checked out again. From your previous posts, do you think it may be stress related? Perhaps you have got run down as you've been going through a bit if a crappy time and your body is beginning to react? I hope you feel better soon and they look after you at the hospital x

  • Hope you're on the mend xx

  • :-( hope your feeling a little better xx

  • Hope you're feeling better and being well looked after x

  • After getting to bed at3am! Woke Up toys morning wheezing again been having pain in my shoulder as well! Just been resting listening to everyone being induced and people having contractions! Makes Me feel well excited :)

  • Got To havea chest x ray got crackles on my lung! Antibiotics and staying in worried about the xray! They Said they would give me a cover to protect baby :(

  • Don't worry about the X-ray - they will give you a lead apron for your tum, baby is almost cooked anyway, and even without these things the amount of radiation a foetus gets from a CXR is small.

    It's far more important to make sure you don't have pneumonia and if you do, treat it - the effects of you being unwell and not treated correctly on your bubba will be way in excess of an XRay.

    If it makes you feel better - my last job before I had my LO was in a specialist branch of cardiology called electrophysiology. We often needed to put pacemakers or defibs into patients out if hours. This requires XRay screening. I was assured by everyone from Profs to the Imaging superintendent that there was bugger all risk to me or Flump - they even ordered me a lead 'dress' apron, so I didn't have to have the weight of a lead skirt across my pregnant tum! Xxx

  • Thank you been and had it they put apron round my lower back not over my tummy I did think ohhhh but she said it would be fine waiting for dr to come round fingers crossed it's ok :)

  • Hope your doing ok, it's lousy being in hospital I bet but least you have us lot day & night to natter too :) Get well soon X

  • aw what a shame your not having a good time, hope you feel better soon

    your in the best place to get looked after, &least you will be getting plenty rest x

  • Chest xray clear thinks crackles are due to asthma. .. still having nebulisers headache is worse codrydamol only helping for3-4 hours. .. Dr rekons it may be due to asthma but if still bad tmw then will see more senior dr. .. on a positive note baby is moving around like mad that's the main thing :)

  • Have you been reviewed by the medical registrar or 'just' the obstetric reg? X

  • Think She is an sho the midwife said ur see the medical team of ur still bad tmw. .. had a fantastic sleep. . Did Take a sleeping tablet as my head was keeping me awake.... but have woke up wheezy and yep headache is still there :( but I feel like I have a bit of life back in my bones today. . Yesterday I felt awful x

  • It was obs team I have been seeing. .. midwife just told me ;)

  • Ask if the med reg is going to review you... I'm amazed they haven't asked for 'medics' in put! When ever I've 'Med Reg'ed' i usually end up being asked to review a couple of obs patients...

  • ...and demand to be seen by a registrar... Bloody SHOs ;-p

  • Aaw get well soon.x

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