Not baby or pregnancy related but... mole question, perhaps Dr Fluffy can assist?

I've noticed a mole on my boob changed a lot during pregnancy but wondered if this is just due to hormones and boob growth?

Also I have an in growing toe nail (not the issue) was giving it a poke and noticed 2 Brown spots on the nail.. have filed the surface of the nail and they are still there... I think they might be moles too but have it in my head about moles under nails being dangerous!? Has anyone else heard this?

Trying to get an appt to see a gp but getting an appointment seems impossible!

Thanks! :o)


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  • hey you....i'm not Dr Fluffy as you know but my moles have changed during this pregnancy, I have also increased number of skin tags, dramatically....they were just on my neck and I used to put it down to friction with my nurses uniform but I have new ones under my armpits...luckily I can still shave with them there!

    On a positive note, it must be nice to be able to reach your toes again :) XX

  • Hey you! Hope you are ok? I think moles will be fine, just one of those things that's drilled into you to keep an eye on! It's more the nail thing.. can't think where I heard/read it or even if I dreamed it! Lol

    Seeing feet again is marvellous! Almost back to pre pregnancy bod... need to rind some motivation and get toned up! Xx

  • Almost certainly hormonal, but any changing mole should be checked out. Take a photo if it now, in case it changes further.

    Nail discolouration is almost always fungal, or a spot of bleeding - but again, I would get them checked out in case they are ungual/sun ungual melanomas.


  • The easiest way to get an apt is to ring first thing and say you need an emergency appointment... X

  • Thank you! :o) x

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