Is it early labour?

Omg ladies, I had terrible backache in the night, I was in tears. Then it moved to my front and I felt like my chest was being crushed. I am asthmatic and had to take my inhalers. I rang hospital and they said take paracetamol. Backache lasted about 2 1/2 hours and chest pain about 15 mins. All constant pain. TMI but I also got sick :( I had another mini episode but no as intense. It all ended at 2am and nothing since. Sorry for the long post.

(40+3 today)


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15 Replies

  • The back ache maybe but not chest pain or would of been in ur stomach. .. I'd ring again and say u were really worried think they should checku over x

  • Thank you. She asked if i could feel pain in my abdomen but i was in so much pain with my back that i couldn't tell. I know that sounds silly x

  • That doesn't sound silly. I sometimes find it really hard to isolate different pain locations when its possible more than one point hurts. Just sort of mingles together doesn't it!

  • Yep lol. I tried to explain it to hubby as its like my finger has been chopped off but someone is asking whether i can feel a papercut. Random i know but didn't know how else to explain it x

  • That's quite a good way to explain it actually :-) unique lol

  • :-)

  • I would contact your mau again and ask them to check you over so you can be at ease as lowerkback pain is a sign of early labour but not chest pain x

  • Thank you x

  • Hey, with my 2nd. Baby 90% of my labour pain was in my back. If your waters haven't gone, sit tight at home until it gets worse. Take paracetamol & have a bath.

    My waters went at 1am thy asked me 2 go in even though no pain & were like "yeah your waters have gone" then sent me home. About 5am I went back in but was only 3cm so got put on a ward in pain, wish I wud have stayed at home as long as poss as thy wouldn't give me pain killers as I had had paracetamols. I had him at 1pm that day.

  • Thank you. I am pretty much waiting and hoping waters do break cause then I'll know something is happening. Feel like i am being soft at the mo complaining about back pain :-\

  • Oh poor you what a horrible night. I imagine that your chest pain could have been a referred pain or panic pain from being so uncomfortable in your back especially as you are asthmatic. Do you remember hyperventilating? Or breath holding? How are you this morning? X

  • I was aware of possible panic so i just concentrated on my breathing. Imagining my lungs expanding etc. I am ok this morning thank you. Just tired and anxious :-)

  • Yes I bet especially as you are overdue so your sense of when labour comes with be heightene. Is this your 1st?

  • Yep first and only at this rate :-P

  • I agree with everything that pretty much being said from the previous responses.

    In regards to the chest pain though i think it would be best to get a 2nd medical opinion as if you are in labour it will affect your breathing exercises.


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