Exceptionally strong baby.......Super Hugo!!

Exceptionally strong baby.......Super Hugo!!

I literally cannot believe that Hugo is 8 weeks today!

Everything has been great, loving every minute!

Unfortunately I had to give up breastfeeding, poor little lamb had terrible colic and no amount of winding, infacol, dentinox or gripe water was helping! We got to the point where he was screaming in agony for 12 hours unless he was being cuddled! No matter how much better breast milk is nutritionally, physically it felt cruel to continue, we figured it can't be any worse on anti colic bottles.. and after 1 feed, I had my happy baby boy back!

He also got baby acne from all the hormones coming out in the milk, this wasn't nice at all but has nearly cleared now :o)

Apart from that all has been great!

He is unbelievably strong (well, I think he is!) He was rolling over at 2 weeks, (so feet to foot sleeping is fun unless swaddled!) Got a proper swaddle shell from mammas and pappas... he escapes in less than a minute, he holds his head up and can look round, full range of head movement, and now he digs his heels into the floor/mat when lying down, pushes his bum up and scoots backwards! Is this normal strength at this young age? It's not like he is a chunky baby either! Very long and slim... the Naomi Campbell of baby boys! Lol

Hope all mums, babies and bumps are well! :o) x

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  • He Looks so grown up! Wow Sounds like he is doing alot already id say that was early! Ah he is cute xxx

  • What a gorgeous boy and I love the name!! He sounds like he's doing fantastically :) x

  • Awwww! Sammy was turning himself onto his front at 2 weeks too - terrified me! Put him to sleep on his back at night, wake up to feed him to find him on his front! His latest 'trick' at 6 weeks is the gift of straight line mobility! On Monday, I popped him in the centre of his play mat on his tum, popped next door to make a coffee, came back, and he had wriggled clear of his mat completely!! Going to have to keep a very close eye on this one - Future escapologist?

  • He's cute!my daughter is 6 weeks and am thinking of ditching breastfeeding as well.it doesn't fill her up so I end up giving her formula more anyway.

  • Thanks! I was a bit annoyed really with the breastfeeding situation. Saw a breastfeeding support worker and she said so many times breastfeeding prevents colic! Well not in our case!! Don't get me wrong I'm glad I did it and will do it again for the next one! But they are so intent on promoting breastfeeding I don't think they are being entirely honest! If you are planning on breastfeeding then all I'd say is go for it but maybe get some bottles just in case or at least research what you want to use! We have avent anti colic ones. You can get a great starter set with 2 small and 2 large bottles, brush and dummy for £20 ish and aptamil comfort milk is formulated to help with colic and constipation! Good luck! Xx

  • I got that kit....won't be using the dummy though. But they made a pricing error and we got it for £9.99 instead of their standard £30 in Morrison's....bargain! I'll be attempting breast feeding too but thought I should bottles as a back-up! And what a little cutey!! Happy chappy!!

  • Think that's all we paid too! Bargain!! I was adamant I wasn't going to use the dummy but it does help! To be fair Hugo is good and refuses it more than he takes it and when he does he spits it out when he has calmed down or gone to sleep! :o) xx

  • Aw he sounds like a little dream! I've never bothered with dummies before so I guess it's just what I'm used to (not my own kids as this is my first, the foster kids) but if it helps bubba settle then that's all good :-)

  • Sammy's had a dummy a couple if times to give my nipples a break! (They go through a very sucky phase at about 5-6 weeks, where they will stay on your breast 24h if they could!) Mentally justified it using SIDS prevention data, but did feel like a terrible mother!!

  • He looks so happy in your picture, bless and wants to run before he can walk by the sounds of it too :) xxx

  • What a absolute cutie :-) xx

  • What a cutie, Louis is 8 weeks tomorrow where has the time gone. Flown by in a flash. Sorry to hear your not breastfeeding, have you thought about expressing but bottle feeding? He is a strong boy rolling over wow, Louis is a wriggler but thankfully no turning as yet... Watch this space :-)

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