I am 28 weeks and I have just found out that i have gestational diabetes and im having a few issues getting used to the idea

I went for the tests due to my brother having type 1 diabetes and i though its just a procaution i wont have gestational diabetes and now ive been told i do and i feel abit shocked. Im not a large person and my babies not big for her gestation age either plus my diets gotten better than it used to be. could anyone please give me any advice or information about this if they have or have had it. Also this is my first pregnancy.

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  • I guess its just one of those things which can happen to a small majority of pregnant women then!

    Im sure ive read somewhere on-line that during pregnancy our bodies have a bit of a rough time breaking down & digesting most of the food we eat even if we dont actually feel like it so i wouldnt blame yourself too much for this hun, i guess it will just be a bit of a pain having to watch your blood pressure & etc......


  • Im on asprin for blood pressure already but i suppose. If my diet needs to be better ill have to adapt and im struggling to exersise due to a bad back

  • I'm 38+2 and was diagnosed with gd at 23 weeks. I was put on insulin after 1 week of monitoring as I could not control with diet and exercise. I am petit and the only family history I have is grandfathers with diabetes in old age so there is really no reason for me to have it.

    At first I was terrified but reflecting back, it hasn't been as bad as I thought. Keep your carb intake down so that it is only a small portion of your meal and try to cut out sweet stuff altogether. Chose wholemeal bread, pasta and rice over white and eat lots of protein, I found chicken has kept me feeling full.

    I have managed to keep the baby at his normal size for his gestation and will be induced just before my due date despite being told originally that I'll be induced at 38 weeks.

    Unfortunately some people don't produce enough insulin and during pregnancy we produce a hormone that dilutes the insulin we do produce. It is a pain - especially if like me all your cravings have been sweet! But on the bright side I have only put on baby weight as I haven't been able to over eat and won't have as much to lose once he's here.

  • Thanks for the advice its hard because fish and chicken make me sick and ive cut out loads of sweet stuff already. Before i cut it out all was fine. Suppose that this would explain why im weak while babies strong. At first i was eating loads but i was suffering from lack of food etc. Ive got loads of info off nhs but im just thinking about the what ifs.

  • Did u see the midwife programme on BBC2 the other day, thr was a woman on that that had type 1 & her kidneys were having a tough time. Hopefully the midwife will monitor u more closely now & if thy detect a problem will take u in. Think she had her baby at 32w.

    Good luck.

  • I missed that ill bbc i player it. Thanks its just a slight shock.

  • Don't cut down on your portions, it's really important that you do not starve yourself, if you can't manage to keep your glucose levels down let them put you on insulin. It's not as bad as it sounds. I started reducing the amount I ate to start with as I took being unable to control it as something I was doing wrong. The further into pregnancy you get the more help you'll probably need. Be guided by the professionals but don't be worried. You'll relax more as time goes on. The majority of women with gd have healthy pregnancies and babies x

  • I eat small amounts all day long already i cant manage full meals so i have smaller ones more often. If i could exersise more i wouldbuti cant with back issues.

  • Hi. Inwas also diagnosed with GD at 28wks. I am 31 wks todays. I am borderline. And thankfully have managed to control it with diet so far. As the pp said don't statve yourself. You really need every nutrient for your baby. But you just have to be careful with portion size. You should alsp cut down on lot of carbs. I am not saying to completely avoid it as it will get you in trouble. You should have 30g carbs in breakfast, 50g in lunch and dinner and 2 snacks of 15g carb each. You can also control your readings by walikng after each meal, it really does make the difference.

  • Thanks ive started with buying loads of filling n healthy foods today xx

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