Feelings of baby engaging, or just pressure on bladder

Hi ladies, hope you're all well.

So im now 29wks pregnant (tommrow) & Im starting to convience myself the baby is/has been engaging "herself" into my pelvis area already.

The main reason for me thinking this is because ive been getting this firm amount of pressure on my bladder & pelvic bone for the last few weeks now, the pressure is so much sometimes it becomes difficult to walk & since this morning ive been experiencing quite alot of "white coloured" vaginal discharge.

The discharge has no smell to it so im not too worried or concerned about that (at this point anyway)

Even though this is my 2nd pregnancy, my son (who is nearly 5yrs old) sat much higher "whilst pregnant" ( in my opinion) & didn't really start to engage himself until the last 6-5wks of pregnancy.

On a positive note i get quite alot of regular movements & wiggles from her "which is always a good sign " but never-the less id rather she stays in here as my mum is out of the country (on holiday) now for the next 3wks & id rather she get back 1st just for that moral motherly support.

Is or has anyone got / getting a simular sort of pressure or am i just being a right hormonal / miserable sod.


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I got pressure and sharp pains in my cervix from quite early too, before the baby actually managed to engage their head. But the baby moving into the pelvis doesn't indicate immediately impending labour....apparently. so I wouldn't worry about your mum not being about :-)

Thanks fattyboom

I think its the fact ive been a hormonal, miserable sod recently too my head is jumping to conclusions about the baby arriving early.

I'll be fine :-)

It's our right as big fat pregnant women to be miserable sods from time to time.......we should enjoy it while we can get away with it ;-) haha

Yes i agree!!


I did but think baby has moved so pressure is better makes walking very uncomfortable doesn't it lol feels like they may fall out x

Hey :) I've experiencing a lot of pressure since about 28-29 weeks and I'm now 33+1 in the night when I wake up for the loo ( which is about 6 times lol ) I find it very difficult to get out of bed and find my self rolling out :) i feel heavy all down below pretty much all the time :( I also am suffering a lot of discharge thick white stuff gross I no ( hoping that stops after the birth cause I've never had that problem before constantly feel unclean ) but midwife hasn't discussed with me engaging ?? I will ask that next week when I see her, pretty sure it's normal but this is my first so not got previous experience to go by, I'm sure all is fine xxx

Thanks for your reply CharlotteDavies.

It is a pretty grouse feeling to constantly get this discharge isn't it :-(

im glad its not just me now though & yes it will calm down "at least a few weeks" after birth.


Do you know what (gender) your having ?

Hey, I think is the pressure of baby turning. I had the same experience, I am 35 weeks and getting inpatient. Feeling pain on and off for the past two days.

Not long now then!

judging how ive been feeling the last few weeks id love to be 35wks now i would cry some more!! LOL

Yeah but it's seems long to me. Having my sutures remove on the 5th. That is stressing me out.

U will be there soon:-)

Thank god it will eventually go !! It's quite embarrassing :) the joys of pregnancy not all fun and games, I'm having a little boy :) can't wait to finally meet him its been a long slog lol xx

My little one seems to be teasing, he/she was 3/5 engaged a few weeks ago but has reverted to 'not engaged' at my checkup yesterday. I'm at 34 weeks 4 days now, so not too long to go now ( counting down the days) :-)

When is your 28w check up? Thy will be able 2 say if head down & how far engaged. I though mine was head down but it is breech which I was surprised.

yes, i had my 28wk check up app last week and the community midwife did say & note (in the pregnancy notes book) that the baby felt "cephalic" positioned


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