A bad night

well the bleeding and pain last night got pretty severe, passed a quite large clot (well in my eyes, nothing to compare to), mix of white material and blood and couldn't sleep through the pain with paracetamol simply not cutting it. nothing particularly foetus shaped though which seems good. Popped over to A&E, test still said I was pregnant but scan booked this afternoon at EPU. I've read lots of positive stories of heavy bleeding not affecting a pregnancy so here's hoping...

blimey...the stress!

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Sorry to hear what you're going through. How many weeks are you? I had some bleeding as well at 7 weeks so I know what you're going through and everything turned out okay, I am now 26 weeks. So good luck with your scan. X


Hey, how many weeks are you? I had a heavy bleed at 12 weeks and I got taken into hospital in an ambulance. I woke up at around 1am as my pj bottoms were wet so I went to the toilet and the crouch was drenched in blood, clots were just dropping into the toilet and the tissue had clots on. I had an internal examination by the gynae consultant 4 hours after arriving in A&E and she said my cervix's looks open and I look like I had a mc. They said I could come back 3 days later for a scan or be admitted into the hospital for an emergency scan. Obviously I opted to be admitted. I had a scan a few hours later and the baby was still alive and wriggling around, they did not investigate the bleed and discharged me.

At my 12 week (at 14 weeks) routine scan they investigated the bleed and they found I had a hematoma with was in between the sac and my womb and when my cervix's stretched the little blood vessels popped causing the bleed, I bleed for about 10weeks but it eased off everyday and then stopped. At my 20w scan they had told me the hematoma had been dissolved into my placenta which was good news.

Are you still bleeding now or has it stopped? Please let me know how your scan goes.


Thank you ladies, I am encouraged that you've both continued with healthy pregnancies. I'm about 8 weeks. My bleeding last night sounds like yours Megzey, just a constant stream over the toilet with clots. Managed to get off to sleep at about 6am and when I woke at 9 I had the large clot on the pad but the cramps and bleeding had actually eased a lot. They've been bearable all morning and not bleeding as heavy, so I hope that's a good sign. Heading off in about an hour. Hard not to worry!


Unfortunately bad news. Nothing on the scan, a perfectly unpregnant uterus, so I think what I passed this morning was 'it'. Time to start over.


So sorry to hear this news. Stay strong and look after yourself now x


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