Thats it......9 weeks today is my due date!

24/10/ coming up so fast! And im just trying not to think my little man could come early! Im so excited, and from judging by his movements, baby is excited too! lol. I also keep thinking....Ive only had one period in 2013......weird! 31 weeks down! wow!!! I think its just hitting me majorly now that in just over 2 months (maybe even sooner) im going to be a mummy! And what a feeling it is, excited/scared/happy/worried. My little man is already loved very much by not just me but his whole family that are here waiting to meet him. They have all been spoiling him already, and hes got more clothes than me!!! Most of the close family have bought us something major for the baby, which is nice they are able to help us, as not everyone is that fortunate! Plus it ensures people arent feeling left out. I just cant wait to properly hold my baby, and that probably makes me sound like a broken record. This baby has been wanted for a long time! We've waited a long time for our prince, and my pregnancy has been so easy up to now, it makes me wonder why it took so long? I guess if its gonna happen, its gonna happen! And i shouldnt complain! Hes on his way and thats all that matters! Love him so much already! :)

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  • Ahh how lovely - I got very excited when I hit 30-31 weeks as we were into single figure weekly countdown :) and fantastic that your family are able to help you out. I think most feel the same - excited/scared/nervous etc. I have moments of 'oh my goodness he could be here any day I just can't wait' and then 'Oh my goodness what am I going to do with a baby!!' lol. We also have a very spoilt little man with an obscene amount of clothes and everything a baby could need - people love buying things for babies! I hope the next 9 weeks goes well for you. He'll be here before you know it! We have 4 weeks to go ....eek!! Exciting x

  • Reading ur reply has got me even more excited Lol! Oh ur really close now!!! Good luck with the arrival of ur little one :) x x

  • its exciting isn't it... my little man has so many clothes too and that's all that I have collected let alone the gifts that will arrive when he decides too which is due to be in 15 days....ur due date is my best friends birthday (random pointless fact for u lol). I spent so long sorting out all his clothes and have managed to find a home for most of them. it feels like the last few weeks have started to slow down but then I think hang on 7 weeks ago when I was 31 weeks I was living in a different house and had hardly any baby stuff and now I am all sorted, moved house and just chilling out lol.... so make the most of the time u have left. do u have any names for ur little man, I am having a boy too and we have narrowed it down to 2, its taken us so long to find names we agree on lol. take care xx

  • My favourite part has been washing the clothes and organising them... sad I know lol. I couldn't imagine moving home whilst so pregnant! Well done you!! Good luck - I hope he doesn't keep you waiting too long! x

  • I have most things for baby but need to buy a chest of drawers for all his clothes. Wow, moving while pregnant!? Jesus! We have estate agents to deal with atm and that is stressful enough! And yeah we have a name! But i couldn't think seriously about a name until i knew what i was having. Kept looking at ridiculous names in my baby book (one of which was conception....... :| ) but we decided on names that are linked with both sides of our family; Thomas George! My wee tommy :) sometimes it takes seeing ur little ones face before yr able to decide. My mother had that with me. Good luck :D x

  • Yeh I know washing the clothes is lovely. ..I wont b moving again, ket alone while pregnant it was horrible and too stressful. Thank u, x

  • Ahh yeh I think we r gonna wait till hes here to make a final decision. Yeh it was too stressful but it was then or not at all. Ikea hav some offers on at mo so might b an idea for drawers. Ahh I love george but as my babys surname is Best, george is out lol. We love finlay or Harrison and we hav family names as middle names. X

  • Both lovely names! Prob for the best to stay away from George. And cheers for the ikea tip! Will have a look later :)

  • One of my favourite games at the moment is looking through baby name books to find the worst possible one. Especially ones that sound awful with my surname (there are quite a few). Don't know why I find it so amusing.

  • That is very fun lol i liked the name Charlie, but with the last name Brown, that's not gonna happen!

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