Shivering after c section

I had a very scary episode last night of extreme shaking and shivers accompanied by a feeling off all over cold that lasted about 2minutes. I felt like I had no control over my body and my partner was about to call hosp.when suddenly it stopped. This is my 5th day post csection. I'm still taking pain meds and I am little bit anemic.Has anyone experienced a similar episode? I want to understand what just happened to me. It was terrifying. i thought i was dying.i read it could be linked to the anaesthetic but its good to hear from someone who had a similar experience.thanks for replying


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  • What does your scar look like? Are the stitches holding? Any sign of redness or hotness of the surrounding skin? Any abdominal pain? It could be 'one if those random things', but the thing to worry about would be infection - you don't always get hit and sweaty, you can sometime go cold and shivery (called a rigor). Has it happened since? If it happens again, call mat triage to be on the safe side. Xx

  • The scar looks ok,no pain or redness around it.they've done good job.i dont have a fever and feel ok in only happened once last night.hopefully thats it.i talked to someone who had a c section and parently this is common(side effect of spinal).but i'll ring up 2moro just to be safe. Thanks for your reply x

  • Not after 5 days it shouldn't be... Probably just one of those 'random' things?

  • I had an episode of extreme cold chills and shaking right after I was brought out from my c-section surgery. The nurses had to cover me with heated blankets to help me stop shaking and from being cold. I had wondered what the cause was and I did have a spinal before the surgery. After I recovered I also had an episode of overwhelming anxiety recovering from surgery and having a room full of visitors the next day. The visitors we're made to leave so I could relax and recover. I am not sure if that was from the spinal.

  • Hi I had this and it turned out my scar was extremely infected and weeping Is yours?? I hada an emergency appointment with my go who was amazing and prescribed me penaclin and Melolin dressings and mircropore tape I had to change it twice a day and within 4 days it was perfect again ... My scar was infected due to carelessness at the hospital as I was sent home the next day and they didn't give my anything medication wise so my doctor also prescribed me iron tables, anti inflamatorys, codine, and pain killers has to take them all 3 times a day for 3 weeks it was awful I can tell you !!! I'm just getting back to normal after my first period too and that lasted 2 weeks hope you are ok and please get it checked out let us know how you get on xxxx

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