Traumatic births, how have you dealt with it?


So as I have posted before I had a pretty traumatic delivery and post-natal period. I had a debrief at the hospital yesterday and got a few questions answered but the doctor we saw was a little defensive of some of the staff involved and their action, despite other professionals having criticised them to me. As a result I am planning to take some issues to PALs. I was wondering if any others, who have had traumatic experiences, have gone down this route and what to expect?

Thank you lovely people :-D x


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  • I went to PALS - found them useless, so am escalating to the ombudsman... Given I gave birth at Whipps Cross, I'm not holding my breath!

  • That would have been my hospital but then I moved. I love Whipps Cross...but the news about them recently I'm kinda glad I moved when I did!!

  • I love Whipps too - used to work there and locumed there while pregnant! I have to say, the midwives were amazing and the domestics fantastic, bins regularly emptied etc. it's in a difficult situation - one of the highest birth rates in the country and woefully inadequate accommodation.

    My concern post-natally was with the SHOs, who really didn't give a crap (one documented a full review of me, including examinations that she just had not carried out!), but that's the gamble with GP trainees - they tend to be amazing or useless!

  • Yh I've had some amazing staff there with things in the past and then some pretty careless people (losing vital test results and not telling me for 2 hours while the pretended they were just busy but we're hunting them down) and a junior doc that stabbed me with a scalpel and said "oops" lol! But all hospitals have good and bad staff and I'll always love Whipps, was born there and kind of sad my bubba won't be

  • I can genuinely say I have never accidentally stabbed anyone with a scalpel!! ;-p

  • Lol always a good quality in a doc I think haha

  • A friend of mine had some horrible things happening to her during labour including...flat lining! She took matters to court after getting her data evaluated by independent doctors. I'll ask her how she went on about it.

  • Thanks :-)

  • So the friend went to a law firm that specialises in medical negligence: irwin Mitchell and they explained the whole process to her before they dived in. It is a long, long haul so she said you would need to be ready emotionally to face rebooking at the events and being cross examined. She won her case so in addition to being compensated all her legal fees were paid by the hospital at the end.

  • I gave birth in Royal London, chose it thinking : brand spanking new, good antenatal classes, close to home etc etc. my experience was bad - I wish I could say otherwise as I was really hoping for a positive birth experience but the staff made it impossible. From waiting in corridor for 3 hrs after we showed up, to being told 'no pool' (after the antenatal midwife said they always have them), to prolonged labour ( and being 10cm dilated for 5 hrs without being told what to do but not allowed to push for god knows what reason), people mixing my test results, giving me drugs for c- section (which I didn't have), and completely disregarding my birth plan. Please let me know how you get on as I am seriously considering complaing - once I have the energy to do so. Good luck.

  • I had steroids too, but didn't get a Caesar x

  • I got a bunch of drugs without anyone explaining to me what they were! Felt like a piece of furniture not a human being :(

  • Given it's all the same Trust now (Barts and the London, Whipps and Newham) I wouldn't hold my breath for any useful response or mediation from PALS!

  • Third birth was traumatic and I complained to pals they were great relayed it all to my consultant who was fantastic about it... put the best midwife on best labour and birth ever! X

  • My 2nd birth was traumatic, was completely mishandled to the extent I was a high risk patient that was supposed to be induced due to risk to my baby, I phoned the hospital 7 times over 2days from the day I was supposed to be induced only to be told every time they were too busy to see me, phone back later never once being asked in to check it was safe to leave us as a result I went in2 spontaneous labour 2 days after my induction date and then was given the news my son had died when they tried finding him with the doppler. Im suing the hospital, they could of saved him had they induced me when they were supposed to!! Xx

  • Oh that is awful, so sorry to hear that happened and their incompetence cost the life of your little boy. I hope your case against them is successful x

  • Thanku, the solicitors im with think I have a very strong case, I just want them in some way to accept liability and hold their hands up, sadly suing is the only way of doing it. I hope you get some answers on your case too however you choose to handle it. Xx

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