Early reassurance scan

I've booked an early private scan for Sunday. I just need to know everything is actually growing as it's meant to, as my symptoms have all stopped and I'm having some brown discharge. Just want to know if it's being lucky not to have symptoms, or because the hormones and activity have actually stopped. I also went for a nurse appt today about something else and my body temp was down at 36.3c/97.3f. Shouldn't it be higher? Got the jitters!

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  • Most people have a temperature of 36.5 so I wouldn't worry too much. Just to reassure you I had daily brown discharge between weeks 5 and 7 and all ended well. Apparently it is normal for this to happen in early pregnancy. Also I had days with no symptoms (or days of not feeling the baby in later pregnancy). Again all normal :-)

  • Good luck with the appointment, I didn't had any discharge but I know many women get them and it is totally fine. I totally understand why you would want to have early scan, I use to feel nauseous a lot but even then I was still panicking if all ok and use to do pregnancy tests every 2-3 days which is a bit mad. Wish I book early app for myself too :-)

  • Thanks ladies, I'm glad the immediate response wan't just 'don't be so stupid!'. My official scan isn't for another couple of weeks and it just seems so far away LOL. I realise 2 weeks in the scheme of 40 isn't a lot over all :) But I was about to start buying more tests as an alternative! I was also concerned the discharge might be because I'm runnning too much, bit of trauma? Might drop back to walking for a couple of weeks.

  • nothing wrong with getting it checked out. It will most likely be nothing as they mainly worry over things like fresh red blood accompanied with cramps. Some old blood bleeding is very normal. Ur doing the right thing by having things looked into. Good luck doris xx

  • It is getting worse, more blood now and I feel like period cramps. Still mostly brown but def not just the ligament stretching cramps I had before, this is dull constant ache like the day before my period always felt. please be ok!

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