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Midwife appointment gave me a little boost :)

Today was my 31 week appointment (Eeek, its getting closer now) and it was a great appointment! Never thought i would say that, but it really was. I think it helped as i saw the midwife I like a lot more today. Not that i dont like the other one at my surgery, but this one is a lot kinder and seems to care more, which makes me feel more at ease. She kept saying how well Ive been keeping and how Im looking really well! I have been feeling fine anyways, but to actually hear it from the midwife is always good. My bloods were fine from my previous 28 week appointment, urine was fine, everything was fine.....

One thing thing that did make me laugh was when she was listening for little mans heartbeat, he started kicking her lol. Made us both laugh! Hes also head down atm, or at least he was this afternoon. And also, my health visitor got in touch today and finally rearranged my appointment for next thursday, day before my 32 week scan (to check my placenta) so its another busy week next week. But before that, i have my parents taking me out for lunch this friday and seeing a friend on sunday to see her new home :) So as im sure u can tell, im feeling quite happy atm.

Hope everyone is well x :)

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Awwww that's lovely your feeling so happy :-) xxxx


Ah it is going so fast now isn't it. I am 31 weeks tomorrow. It has only been in the last few weeks that I have actually come to terms that I am pregnant eeek and what ever happens in less than 9 weeks time we are going to have a baby.

My midwife is visiting me at home next week so discuss my birthing options. I don't even know yet if I am going to have an elective C-section or natural until I have the growth scan at 36w so I think it is pretty pointless her even coming out to discuss it but never mind.


I had my 34 week check today and discussed my birth plan. Like you, I have a growth check at 36 weeks. The midwife worked on the assumption that the results of the scan would be normal. If baby is small/large for dates it narrows your options significantly. I am hoping for a pool birth this time. I couldn't have this last time as my daughter was small and had constant monitoring :-(

All the signs are good so far this pregnancy so fingers crossed I will be able to have the birth of my choice this time round.


Ah we have the same due date, im 31 weeks down tomorrow too! :) It is coming up fast! My partner says Im like a kid waiting for christmas atm, especially at night, as im all hyper and unable to sleep! lol i keep having moments of panic about labor, but then they pass! i also keep thinking "what if hes like 4 weeks early?? that means hes here in september?!?!?!" lol i must stop doing this to myself!


I am 30 weeks plus 2 days so just a little behind you all. Reading a your comments it is getting me even more excited if this is possible but at the same time petrified of giving birth and constantly worry if my baby is ok. Every person I see says my bump is quite small for 30 weeks but from reading comments here I think I am not alone and totally understand everyone is different.

All my blood results have been normal so far and baby is fine but I still can't relax completely.

I think I am born worrier and always will be. Saying this I love being pregnant and love getting proper kicks from my little man :-)


I know that feeling! I've enjoyed being pregnant even with the morning sickness and mood swings. My man has asked me if I'll miss my bump, i said yeah totally! Don't think he has the energy to put up with pregnant me again lol plus pregnancy has went by so fast. Then again, i haven't went through labor yet, lets see how i cope with that!

You have been hearing u have a small bump, I've been hearing I've got a massive bump! All us ladies are different and all our babies are different, as long as ur feeling well, i wouldn't worry :)


Haha men are so funny. They don't realise how much we go through whilst pregnant and then having to go through giving birth. My husband made joke in front of a friend who was pregnant at the time (she gave birth to beautiful baby boy) and she was not having easy time, that my pregnancy is taking a lot out of him, well I can honestly say if look can kill haha.

Totally agree we are all different shapes and sizes so am trying to ignore all comments :-)


Lol, *rolls eyes* men! Typical! A few of those comments have been said to me in recent months.....lets just say they don't go down well.


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