Hey ladies.

Last night was the worst night for me so far! My midwife td me from early on that i have siatica, which was painful, but nothing like yesterday and even today.

Before i went to bed it was like a sharp constant pain in my butt going all the way down making me walk funny. But as i went to bed, the pain got worse. I tried massaging it, my other half massaged it, tried putting pillow under it and walking around trying to ease it out. Nothing helped. I could hardly sleep the pain was just painful.

Today the pain is still there but not as bad as last night. Any tips on how i can ease the pain?


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  • Im 18 weeks and 2 days by the way!

  • When I had sciatica, which has disappeared a while ago now, the only thing I could do was take paracetamol to help ease it. Also had a bath before bed which sometimes helped but not always. That's all I did though as well as use my pregnancy pillow. Other than that I put up with the pain lol

  • My pregnancy pillow doesnt work for me lol! Ugh i mean i have a high pain threshhold, but im starting to feel the pain worsen :(

    You can take medication during pregnancy then? Cuz my midwife was totally against it when i suggested it one time!

  • Just paracetamol I believe. Even then I didn't like to take it too much but when you need to, you should to get some relief. I have quite a high pain threshold too but sometimes you need relief when it's nagging at you

  • Ill try that out, anything to get rid of it. Or at least ease it a little! Thanks :)

  • I developed sciatica early on. I went to an osteopath who specialises in treating pregnant women, recommended by my GP. The osteopath realigned my pelvis and spine and the sciatica pain disappeared! For a few days I wore a maternity support belt to take off the load from my back and learn to improve my posture (during pregnancy our centre of gravity changes and it is worthwhile learning how to stand in order to shift the weight distribution). Since then I took up pregnancy yoga (following the osteopath's recommendation) in order to strengthen my back. I have no sciatica problems since!

  • Did it hurt when you got t realigned? Sounds like it hurts tbh! Are they gentle about it? I dont mind pain, but cant stand constant irritaing pain if that makes sense lol.

  • No, no pain upon realignment. It was quick and sudden. They first performed a diagnostic procedure to ensure where the sciatica was coming from.

  • Rest helped me that's the only thing that worked x

  • I never rest! Im always on the go lol. I think i do need to rest a bit more.

  • Sit with either a cold pack or hot water bottle on ur bum cheek and rest it honestly does make a difference

  • Hi Baby J

    I have had sciatica in the past and assumed, at about 18 weeks pregnant, that I had it again but I didn't. I had Pelvic Girdle Pain. Due to your hormones softening your pelvis, plus weight gain, lots of pregnant us will get PGP during pregnancy. I went to an NHS physio class to learn techniques to prevent it getting worse, but I found the advice more about avoiding situations where you might aggravate it. At the time I couldn't walk any distance without getting shooting pains up my heels and into my bottom. (Does that sound familiar?). I also couldn't reach to do up my own laces or turn over in bed.

    At the time I was attending Daisy Birthing classes (highly recommended). My teacher asked me if I would act as a guinea pig at a local leading physiotherapist running an event for midwives and other people in that field, showing them the benefits of a new technique to re-align you frmo head to toe and rid you of the pain. That it could be fixed and we don't have to put up with it. So I did. (it was free). Anyway, after a half hour treatment I could do up my laces, and after a couple of weeks I was back to my old self. I have been back twice to do the rest of me and I am as well as the next person.

    You don't have to put up with it. I don't know where you live but the Therapist I went to is Thomson Therapy in Skinflats in Scotland. If you contact them they might be able to tell you anyone local who can offer you the same help.

    Good luck

    I have 1 week to go.

  • I was the same during my pregnancy from 12 weeks to 20 weeks. I went to see a physio and she recommended a support belt which you wear most of the day especially when your walking around. It didn't stop the pain completely but it eased it lots.

    My physio recomended a mobilis elite one - you can get them off amazon around £20. they are good cause they are adustable and you can wear them tight round your hips/lower back. Luckily the siatica subsided and it went completely after giving birth so hang in there!

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