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When did you pack your hospital bag? And was it a bag or a little suitcase?!

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I'm now 28+1 and starting to think about the birthing side of things!

I haven't even bought things to go in my hospital bag yet, let alone packing it.

When did people start packing it and what did you put in. I'm thinking a little suitcase (like you would take for hand luggage) might be easier?

Also did you have a separate bag for baby or just put it all in one?

I've never been a light traveller so know it's going to be a nightmare trying to squeeze it all in!!

Thanks ladies :) xXx

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I'm using a little suitcase and managed to get mine and baby's bits in there! That said, I have another bag packed with extras of everything to keep in the car so i can just send my boyfriend down to collect stuff as and when I need it lol.

I packed cotton wool balls, a little tub for water when washing baby with the cotton balls, nappies, a few vests and baby grows and a going home outfit as well with scratch mittens and a hat.

For me I packed toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, etc.a new Nighty for after, a nighty for during (if I don't get the birthing pool), light dressing gown, slippers. Maternity pads, breast pads, disposable knickers as well as some normal knickers. Then I'll take snacks, camera, phone and kindle. An outfit for going home is staying in the car as well til I need it :-)

Hi hols_13

I'm also 28+ weeks pregnant with my 2nd child & I've already started to get my hospital bag packed with the Lil' essentials things like maternity pads, breast pads & etc....

I've decided to take a "weekend" style size bag as I believe most hospitals don't appreciate if you bring a suitcase into the maternity wards due to lack of space.

I hate to say it but I'm sure I have a Lil bit of OCD when it comes to getting things ready (especially for the arrival of a baby). I bought things like the feeding bottles, & the sterilizer quite early. I've also got through most of the washing of baby clothes & etc... LOL!. Mainly because of the nice weather too I've been hanging alot out to dry in the sunshine.


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My suitcase lived under the bed, which they said they appreciated, rather than the woman opposite who kept her small suitcase at the end. If its not in anyone's way they won't mind :-)

36 weeks is generally the suggested time to be packed by.

Fattyboom has covered most of what you'll need but I'll just chime in with lip balm as gas and air RUINS them, and shampoo particularly if you're planning a water birth - I didn't think I'd bother washing my hair post-birth but the pool was pretty gross after I'd finished with it and it definitely needed a wash but I had to wait until I was home.

Take a mixture of newborn & 0-3 clothes for baby, my bruiser of a son was too big for newborn! And batteries and your phone charger.

Make sure your birthing partner has a bag with snacks, books etc in case you have a long labour.

I use an overnight bag for mine and babies things, and leave extra bulky stuff in the car (extra nappies, more clothes for me just in case etc).

Going to buy mini toiliteries and pack my bag next week. Happy packing! :-)

I did mine at 28 weeks but packed and re packed it about 10 times! Used a weekend bag for my stuff and the changing bag for baby! X

I did mine at about 33 weeks, and I have used like an overnight bag and put mine and babies things in it. the only thing I haven't put in it yet is snacks etc. if u go on to boots.com they will tell u what u need for u and for baby, but yeh change of clothes, underwear, nightwear that if ur planning to breast feed are easy access, nursing bra, toiletries, hairbands/hairbrush. for baby I have sleepsuits, vests, nappies, if u want a hat for ur baby, scratch mitts, a blanket, a muslin, breast pads, maternity pads. a camera if u wish, snacks as u cud b there for sometime and things u might want to keep u entertained as again cud b there for time. x

I was induced and moved my little suitcase to a LARGE ONE! I was in hospital a week and 2 days& mum had to make trips to get clean things (doctors kept saying baby will be here tomorrow and after the wed I gave up caring.. Not in a negative way. I just new she'd come sooner than later) after little one was born we stayed at further 2 nights, 3 if you include when she was born. And went through so many things then too.

Id pack for a two day stay, an if your hospital isn't too far, have a spares bag packed at home. So that someone could easily bring it I you needed to stay an extra few days :-)

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I agree with packing the extra bag at home just in case of any unplanned stays in hospital so i could then let someone know where it is ( in the house) should i need it.

I concur with alot of the above, I finally got most of mine packed today, a weekend bag for me & changing bag for bubs, there def was not enough room for both of us in 1 bag. I am 37 weeks tomorrow and MW intervention ie my sweeps start in a weeks time for 2 wks then I am booked for induction so a novel had to fit in there too! Starting to feel a bit nauseous about it all now!! Xx

Hiya, I packed mine at 36 weeks, which I think was late compared to others. I ended up with a suitcase as I had so much stuff! Would advise a few sleep suits for baby, I didn't take enough. Head phones, eye mask and ear plugs were also a must for me as I was in two night before my son arrived and this helped block out the noise and light to get a good nights sleep. I repacked it so many times! Don't forget food supplies for your birth partner too! X

Hiya Hun think I remember sometime just after 30 weeks was convinced baby was going to come early. Ha I wished. I was in for just over 24 hours. I packed into my baby changing bag everything for a night. Have a pile at home ready if hubby needs to bring some more into you. ........A must dont forget a plastic carrier bag . to put in any clothes that get messy. oh and instructions on how to use the washing machine ;-) for the hubby. Xx

Thanks ladies! That's a big help.

Think I'll start shopping for bits and pieces this weekend and get hubby to get the suitcase down in preparation ;)

It's soooooo exciting! :D

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