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Bad night sleep

I'm currently 17 + 5 and I had the worst night sleep ever last night, I had calf cramps, any advice on how to minimise this? I've been getting it more frequently lately?

But last night I also has severe cramps in my "waist". It was a cramp in my waist one side first then the other later on and so on throughout the night. Im not concerned about my baby as I think the pain was too high up to be that but has any one else experienced this and any idea what is causing it?

Thank you for any replies x

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Getting cramps & muscle pain are unfortunately something which is very common in pregnancy espicially in our legs. I believe its mainly down to the increased pressure on the veins & muscles in our legs as the baby gains weight which results in us getting cramps.

I find that doing some "light" stretching exercises helps some of my cramps "espicially in legs" although I still get cramps at night they dont feel as bad.



Hi I'm 23/2 and don't seem to ever get a good nights sleep. I have a body pillow which helps but it's the constant waking up is what kills me. I feel like I want to sleep forever. Anyway ramble over invest in a body pillow or just put a flat ish normal pillow between your knees when you lay on your side. X


Apparently eating more salt is supposed to help x


Thanks for all your replies about the calf cramps anybody else experience the cramp in their sides, around the waist line? I tried to stretch it out but it was difficult hence having cramp in one side then half hour later in the other side. X


I can sympathise with this - I've had cramps in most parts of my body including my toes and hands(!) and I once had it in my thigh at work.

Wherever it occurs I try to stretch out the offending muscle, but not nice when it happens so soon on the other side.

I use a full body pregnancy pillow which helps to some degree.

It could in part be due to low salt levels as mentioned above - I never add salt to my cooking.


I sleep badly since week 13 so I sympathise. With regards to calf cramps it helps to take your prenatal vitamins religiously as they have magnesium and zinc that help. Another thing I did to help with the cramps was to do stretches before going to sleep. Have a look at this:


Your waist cramps may be due to how you positioned your body during sleep. Our centre of gravity changes during pregnancy and it might have impacted even your posture in bed. I took up pregnancy yoga which really helped with better sleep and also to strengthen my back and prevent sciatica. I use extra pillows to better support my back and legs at night. Hope that helps!


Thank you this is really helpful, I'll have a look for a pregnancy yoga class in my area and start going, as the cramps in my waist were unbearable, I'll also try some extra pillows tonight.

I'll keep taking my vitamins and try the leg stretches, thanks everyone. X


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