she looked into my eyes

she looked into my eyes

41 weeks and 2 days old Isabella Savitri Blok started wriggling in my bump the night between 28th and 29th July. by 2:30 am I knew -finally this is it ! (and honestly I was so exhausted by the weeks long false labour and alarm that by the time the contraction meter confirmed a regular pattern of intense pain - I was jolly happy and flying.

we went to Simpsons at Royal Infirmary around 4:30 am. I was dilated only 1 cm (despite 2 previous sweeps the week before). Untill 7:30 i used TENS and oscillated between contractions and deep sleep ( i would say large;y it was deep sleep apart from intense pain and associated moans every 3 minutes).

I choose to stay in hospital instead of going home (too many family members).

at 7:30 am i was 3 cms and they moved me to labour ward under the care of a really nice midwife Leah (FINALLY I got a brilliant midwife!)

I decided to have epidural straight away (my pain tolerance level it seems is much lower). The Anesthetists, all 3, were very handsome :D and the TENS machine was useless (what i realized the time between removal of machine and epidural to work).

around 12 noon they broke my water in hope for contractions to get more near and regular. by 4 pm there was some pattern although not regular yet.

I was starving by then and I think epidural was less effective with an empty stomach. My husband sneaked me a nectarine.

8:00 pm finally i was fully dilated without the need for induction (YAY!). contracts were still irregular (but to me the pressure felt more regular than it showed on the contraction monitor).

The best part so far was that all these 13 hours after epidural i was happy, no pain at all I was joking around and it was so much fun.

around 8:00 pm my pulse rate went high and so did Isabella's heart rate.

I was asked to push (I could hear myself fart ! sorry tmi :P) but that made me laugh so much.

around 9 a team of doctors came in. By this time everyone was starring at my vagina and one of the doctors asked if they can also bring a student doctor. I was like "Yeah sure I dont ,mind, just get my baby to me I want to go home now !"

they pulled her out with forceps. The head came out and the contraction monitor (probably) stopped. It was so funny as I was telling them I can feel another contraction and i can push the rest of the baby and everyone in the room was looking at the contraction monitor to know if i was actually having a contraction. But ofcourse they believed me and Isabella was right there in our arms.

and first thing she did was to stare at me right into my eyes. Since than my baby has never rolled her eyes while looking at people.

and first thing the doctors said was - "So its a girl with mum's black thick hair, do you want us to take her with us". I said "Ofcourse not! give her to me" (that came after i joked with doctors few minutes prior that if its a boy they have to keep him :P )

and honestly the level of cuteness in the world just went a little higher as my princess from the fairy tale of snow-white just came to life. she has that skin as white as snow and beautiful red lips and ofcourse mom's dark hair and eyes :D

who says fairy tales are not true - for me its the second fairy tale coming alive in just 13 months time :D


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34 Replies

  • Awwrrrh! She's absolutely beautiful

    You must be so proud, I had a similar experience with those forceps & believe me I didn't bother to wait for the next contraction.

    Just to help myself from "totally breaking apart" I've convinced myself this baby (which is a girl) will just "slide out" gracefully. LOL!!


  • thank you :D

    I thought the same way weeks before her arrival especially when my mum said that she had labours between 4 hrs to 1 hour with all her kids :P

    but seriously i can kiss the feet of the person who invented epidural - s/he made contractions so mch fun for me !!

  • Ahhhh sooo cute congratulations sounds like a pretty good labour too...farting is better than pooing i suppose lol x

  • thank you Babymother :)

    I hope the pregnancy is getting better - seriously as against pregnancy i think labour was much better and easier :)

  • congrats :)

    she,s beautiful


  • thank you :)

  • I've been waiting for your birth announcement! Congratulations, it sounds like you did a great job and she's as cute as a button. Fab name too.

    Enjoy her mama x

  • thanks dons88 - we did had some after worries with feeding woes and she loosing a lot of her birth weight but now i think (and hope) we are back on track !!

  • Congratulations! What a cutey! Lol at the farting haha! My fear is pooing during labour as before pregnancy I had really bad IBS and though my symptoms have eased with pregnancy, it's almost inevitable it will happen to me....I've warned people in advance lol!

  • Oh my God, I thought it was just me! I have IBS too, and really worried about embarrassment in labour. Guess having a healthy baby is more important than anything else!

  • Yh I keep thinking the baby is what matters.....but told my boyfriend and mum to be ready lol

  • hahaha if you have to go hungry like me (on just one nectarine in whole day) i bet there wont be anything to let out :D (even funnier was i asked the midwife and my husband if i pooed as well :P - was just too curious !! )

  • She's beautiful - congratulations!

  • thanks ladied :)

    I was so surprised and overjoyed that i dint sleep for two days as i was continuously watching her !! :D

    and yup labour with epidural was so damn easy !! it actually felt that she just slid through

  • Congrats. .what a beautiful little girl and a lovely sounding experience. Xx

  • thank you - i hope it goes easy with you too :)

  • Lovely story and a beautiful baby to boot, enjoy her and congratulations xx

  • thanks a lot - i already think she is growing up too fast !!

  • Beautiful!!! Congratulations x

  • thank you :)

  • Wow she is gorgeous, congratulations, I love the outfit too, so alert so soon! Many many congratulations and welcome to the world Isabella, a very beautiful name and well done you. Good on your husband sneaking you a nectarine, sounds as though he was brilliant too! X

  • thanks girl - at 3 weeks she has already grown big for that outfit !! and yup she surprised everyone with her alertness and hair on her head !!

  • She's beautiful.congratulations hun xx

  • thanks a lot :)

  • Oh yeah congratulations Hun she is absolutely stunning what a gorgeous baby girl. :-) well done on the birth lovely you did really well coping for so long. Ha ha love the farting comment lol I think we all feel the same when everyone's staring in the nether region. Got to have a giggle. Welcome to motherhood enjoy every waking minute. Xx

  • Thank you and same to you - I see a wee baby in your picture :) (have not been online much in past week to know the developments of all of you! Apologies for missing out).

    and yeah at that moment I was so excited that finally I would see the baby that it was immaterial how many were starring at my no-zone :P (I have become so shameless after child birth - would be caught breastfeeding my baby on the road pretty soon I guess - but when she makes those hunger signs there is hardly anything i can think more :P)

  • Congrats ritz21, well done - sounds like your labour was pretty much the same as mine timewise/ epidural/ forceps. I will post my story as soon as I get 10 minutes free :-) Congrats again, she's lovely!!!

  • thanks and same to you hun! life gets so busy with these little ones and my health visitor just said that this is the easiest time, as she still cant crawl around :P

  • Ah congratulations :) although we had the same lmp I had to be induced a week early so my baby girl came on the 14th July instead of the 20th x

  • oh! yes I remember about the lmp. Congratulations to you too :)

  • Congratulations hun shes a beauty xxx

  • thanks dear

  • thanks dear

  • Congratulations! She's beautiful, and a great story of the birth. xx

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