Disengaged at 40+1???

So, after this mornings rambling post and feeling sorry for myself, I've now had my stretch and sweep, which wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had thought. The young girl came round, and was with the lady that I had seen up until 36 weeks which I was pretty pleased about. All was ok, except splodge has now decided to disengage herself from my pelvis. At 38 weeks she was only 1/5 but is now totally free, probably so she can get a better angle to boot me in the side more often. Little madam isn't ready to meet the world yet. Anyone else had this?

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Hi hun :-) my first two babies didnt engage until I was in labour so dont give up hope yet lol xx


I didn't engage until I was in labour either. The day before I had another failed sweep and was till high don't worry she will know what to do xx


Hope she figures out where to go soon.


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