33 weeks and 1 day and scared still now

Hello Ladies,

i hit 33 weeks yesterday and im so panicked on 3 different occasions yesterday i was told how small my bump was, My little man is moving about like he always has done but im really concerned that he may have stopped growing i keep looking at pics of my bump from say 2 weeks ago but i cant really tell, ive uploaded the pic i took yesterday as my profile pic to see what you guys think, ive started to panic my partner now with all my worrying

x x x


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  • Hi,

    I must say looking at your profile pic, its a nice, cute Lil bump for 33+ weeks, but I wouldn't let it worry you too much especially if your quite small (in size) yourself.

    I also noticed you mentioned this is your 1st child so its completely normal to feel a Lil small but at the same time noticeably pregnant.

    When I was pregnant with my son in 2008 everyone used to say to me ( awwrrh, what a nice Lil bump you have) then I remember getting to about week 34 of pregnancy & filling out to the point of it feeling difficult to get up from sitting down in a chair.

    I guess with this pregnancy I started showing alot earlier but saying that my weight has also changed since my last pregnancy & the gender is different so I personally think "she" sitting much lower than what my son was.


  • Thankyou, when im stood up i feel a lot bigger than when im relaxing like i say he is moving about loads im just so panicked, my OH has said if im that worried to nip to A and E but im afraid they will just laugh me out of the building x x x

  • Not everyone gets giant bumps in their pregnancy. Please try not to worry especially if your midwife appointments and measurements seem ok and bubba is moving about as usual..those are good signs :-) you may grow a bit more right near the end as people have growth spurts then as the baby grows suddenly. But some people are just petite in their pregnancies. Looks like a lovely neat bump you have :D

  • i definately am all bump, dont seem to have put much weight on elsewhere. Its not helping i have a friend due the same day and she is huge x x x

  • Lol yh that must be strange to see her be so different. But trust me, I'm all bump too and my body is struggling now with a big bump! Just think if you stay a nice petite bump size, you can be more comfy and hopefully not get covered in stretch marks like I am now (literally covered all over bump now :-( ) and you might not get stared at like a circus freak like I do now too haha!!

  • Don't worry, everyone is different. As long as the midwife is happy with your fundus measurements and baby is happy then it's all OK.

    I have a nice 'football' type bump too at 28 weeks. My friend is due exactly 2 weeks AFTER me and is double the size.

    I used to worry about it by now I'm grateful, I think it would be really hard work to be so big. Hopefully we might avoid stretch marks too?!


  • well there is no sign of any yet :) x x x

  • I was all bump, measuring normal, everyone has an opinion on your size, best advice try not compare ( most thought I was small, my son ended up huge!). If the Mw is happy then go with them, they are usually the experts! X

  • I am 37+3 and people say to me you don't look that big and I am like trust me I feel it, I am all bump too although being a pre pregnancy size 16 I have never been skinny. don't worry about it, I thought my bump was shrinking but saw my parents yesterday and even tho I only saw them last week and was wearing exact same top my mum was like blimey where's that bump popped out from. not everyone gets huge during pregnancy and am glad I haven't but like everything everyone's bodies are different, people will always have something to say..if u were too big they would say u wud look huge and as ur small (in ur eyes) they r saying ur small...have any of these people had children because if they have probs making common assumption that your small compared to what they were or someone they knew, just tell them good things come in small packages, if there was a prob pretty sure midwife would of said something by now and as the appointments get more frequent now then if your concerned then mention it to her but I am sure its all ok and as hes moving then b fine. xx

  • the people that said it too me all have a child or in one case 3, he is wriggling about everywhere and my friend who i have only just got back in touch with sent me a pic of her bump at 35 weeks and she was tiny, and her little girl was a healthy 6 lbs 6 so im going to try and worry a little less now

    x x x

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