Is there a pram that is multi functional, which can also act as a car seat? CONFUSED!!!

Hi ladies,

Which prams, car seats have you brought, are there ones out there that is cross functional and do the job? I'm 18 weeks and have not started buying due to the fact I wanted to wait closer to the time just in case something happened but thought I could make a list.

Though now I started looking online, I don't know where to start...I've got a head ache just looking at car seats and prams...HELP!!

I was thinking of getting a ISOFIX base + car seat were you can just lock the car seat in but has anyone had experience using it??

How much should I spend, they range greatly in prices.

Advice and recommendations most welcome......confused mum to be :o

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There's so much choice, isn't there? I went to kiddicare, which has loads of choice and good prices (also their website is really helpful). If you get a travel system then you can put the car seat onto the pram chassis, but check that it can be used with an isofix base - some of them can but not all.

I got a kiddicouture fizz. It can be used with a Maxicosi car seat, with adapters. But there's loads to choose from. Good luck!


Most of the prams u can get with a car seat that u can put on the pram chassis it may not be the same model but is adaptable but some are ...u need to go to kiddcare or mothercare for them to show u first before u look on line cos then it is confusing...I got my pram from bambino direct britax affinity and have a britax car seat that goes with it, good luck x


I spent ages in Kiddicare, test driving!

We eventually went for the Stokke Xplory - adjustiible height handle (OH is 6ft2in!) and baby is held high - above the height of most car exhausts. It also has amazing handling - you can alter the direction you are traveling in almost on the spot - great for getting on and off public transport and for negotiating shops!

We went for the Maxi-Cosi carbriofix car seat (based on safety test results) and bought the adapters so we can use it with the pushchair chassis.


I have the mamas and papas sola, I know the matching car seat has an isofix base. You can also get a carrycot. The chasis is light but with a seat it gets quite "heavy". I have issues from my epidural so stairs and a buggy were a problem for me


Hiya, would echo the other ladies, go and have fun pushing! We also considered the weight and how easy it was to get into the car and test that too. Both kiddicare and mothercare offer this service. You also have to imagine worst case scenario, e.g. Raining and windy, can you work it in your own? We liked the Quincy, but I couldn't work it! We went for a Jane, which we both love, echoing Dr Fluffy with an adjustable handle as OH is 6ft 5! Have fun playing x


would def recommend going somewhere u can try them out and see if you can fold them and see if they fit in your car as you can only do so much online. we went to mothercare to try out but ordered it from kiddicare online as got more for ur money, cheaper, more convenient and u got next day delivery, we went for the oyster which on kiddicare you got the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat with it for a lot cheaper (offer at the time) than they retail at in other stores (my friend is giving me the base so didn't need to buy tht) it also came with carry cot and the pushchair, also an adjustable handle as my boyfriend is also 6ft6 and it is compact and light when folded as I have a small boot (new shape Vauxhall corsa) so that was a factor but I would def say go try them as you could be all day looking online and it frustrated me as you cant really see details online, I paid for all the above £490 but again it depends what you want...some brands r more expensive than others bugaboo for example but once you know what you like you can shop around to find a bargain if need be, was lucky that my parents gave me money for this as a gift. happy shopping x


I found it so hard trying to find a pram, theres far too much choice and a lot are really expensive. In the end we bought a redkite push me zebu (think that's what its called) I love it. Its got a separate car seat and separate carrycot which both slot into the frame (not each other) so really versatile. You can also reverse the pram part so the babys facing you. The wheels also come off really easily to make storage easier. We only paid £236 too for all of it, and got it from They do a price match too, so if you find it cheaper elsewhere you get it at that price plus 10% off the difference. If you find one you like I would definitely shop about, especially online as a lot of shops/websites do discounts and offers.



I got a Hauck travel system from Babies R Us. It has a whinnie pooh design and is on sale, we paid £179.00 for it and I think it's brilliant.


Thanks everyone for your advice and suggestions, will def take a trip to the store and test out those bad boys!!


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