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Chesty cough remedy perhaps!!

Hi ladies

So I distinctly remember saying to just about everyone i met & to myself "i cant wait for the cool weather to come back" a few weeks ago at the height of the heatwave we all indured.

So Low - & behold im now probably starting to regret that very comment as ive now developed quite a bit of a chesty cough.

Im no medical professional but i do know most of the cough medicines which are available to buy over the counter & many other pharmacies may be unsuitable for a pregnant woman to take mainly due to their ingrediants.

Ive asked a few friends about what could be the best thing to take & most have said to squeeze fresh lemon juice & grater some ginger or fresh lime juice with & honey.

Does anyone else know of any "pregnancy friendly" remedies for a chesty cough?


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Put Vicks on the soles of your feet and put socks on before you go to bed - an old wives tale that apparently works wonders for adults and children. Good Luck x


Ive heard of this "remedy" before yes, but im a woman who hates wearing socks to bed too.

I'll probably give it a go tonight.

Thanks xxx


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