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Was it implantation bleeding?

I have been try to get pregnant since Feb when I came off my pill which I had taken for over 10 years. I knew it would take time to get out of my system but still every month when i got my period I would feel down. But this month around the time I think I was ovulating we had sex everyday for a week and it has been over a week since and two days ago i wiped myself and had blood on the tissue but only lasted for about two times of me going to the toilet and only on tissue then has since stopped and my period is not due for at least 5 days, I am also getting slight cramping but not same feeling as period pain. I don't know if im just imagining it because I want it so bad or what?? I haven't noticed any other changes other than nipples bit more sensitive. Please help, am I just going mad or has it finally happened this time?? I have done a pregnancy test but think it is still way to early and came back neg but as I said my period isn't due for a week. ahhhhhh the waiting is the worst :(

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It obviously more easier for me to say this but try not to think about it too much & let nature take it course

I believe at times we can think about something so much we start to depend on the dream / thought becoming the most important thing.

Ive definetely done it before

Just wait "id say another week" & do another test. If its meant to be it will be.



Could very well be implantation bleed. Not everyone gets this though. It generally happens about 7-10 days after conception which would fit in with when your next period would roughly be due.

As hard as it is (we all know how hard on this forum), try not to do another pregnancy test until you are past your period due date. Some tests can pick up the hormone before you are due on but it took 7 days after my period was due for me to get a positive result. Clearblue digital is the best as it will give you a 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' reading rather than one or two lines (which can sometimes be too feint to read).

Good luck!! :)


I had blood on the tissue about a day or so after I was due and my instant reaction was "here comes the onslaught.." but by the end of the day it had stopped and my period never showed. So what u are experiencing could be the implantation bleed. But as these ladies say, it is still really early to test. Once u reach ur period due date, take the test. Fingers crossed for u xx


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