Loving being in the family way :)

Why didn't I do this years ago instead of waiting till I was 39!?!?! Mind you, if I had, I would probably have 10 kids by now if all the pregnancies were as easy as this one. I'm glad I didn't though, I met my husband just 5 years ago and so glad that I'm in a loving secure relationship with the love of my life and didn't have a child with any Tom, Dick or Harry (sorry if you are suffering from morning sickness as that statement probably doesn't help with your queasiness lol)

I've been so lucky, apart from my anxieties that is, to have had barely any symptoms. I just marvel at my growing belly and adore the little ripples I get from inside.

At 26+3, I still have some way to go but if the next couple of months goes a smoothly as it has so far, then I will be delighted.

I have my 4d scan next Sunday; I'm looking forward to seeing my princess and checking out her arms and legs (making sure they are all there!!) and hoping that they can tell if my placenta has moved up. Still very disappointed that they cancelled the original scan date as my husband can't be here for it now but at least we will have a dvd of it as a keepsake.

I'm still feeling very lazy and need to clear out the spare room so we can get it decorated. I'm a little bit of a hoarder; find it hard to throw things away just in case it comes in handy, but I need to get tough with myself - if I've not used it/wore it in over 12 months then it's either going to charity or down the tip!

I'm starting to allow myself to get excited now :)

Just thought I'd share my happiness with you all xx

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Im a true believer in "everything happens when its truly meant to happen" the only problem is the fact that it may not be entirley in our favour.

Just like myself im really happy to be pregnant now (with 2nd child) but in the back of my mind i used to always think "why didnt i do this sooner ?

I now know that its meant to happen this way & i still consider myself to be an "appropriate age" at 33 yrs old.

Im so glad you're also feeling happy though & may those feelings continue for you throughout your pregnancy & beyond.



Oh i forgot to mention Good luck with your 4d scan too



Congratulations Armywag, glad all is going well and long may it continue for you! X


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