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When did you hear from your midwife for the first time?

Just wondering when you should hear from your midwife, have heard nothing and at week 11. I know I am probably being paranoid but really feel I need to know everything is okay after a history of miscarriages.

We have recently moved but previously we were contacted by week 8.

Thanks :)

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Some midwifes & G.P surgeries can be a bit slow off the mark at the best of times but i noticed you mentioned you have recently moved to a new area.

You could give it a few more days (like maybe this wednesday coming) & if you still haven't got anything have a pop into the surgery to remind them.


By 8 weeks in my experience, I think a booking appointment at 8-10 weeks is fairly standard across most of the country.

I'd give the midwives a call directly to chase your appointment - mainly so they can get you in for your dating scan ASAP.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :-)

Congratulations! I went to the GP when I first had a positive pregnancy test, and they told me to book an appointment with the midwife at around 10 weeks. It was up to me to set up that appointment. Probably worth chasing next week.

Should be around 8 weeks. ..u need to get on to them Mon x

You can call the hosp you've been referred to yourself to check if your GP has sent over your details. Same thing happened to me and the hosp said my gp had failed to fax my details over. I was lucky the hosp were so nice and took my details and made an appointment for me over the phone they also chased the fax for me. You're suppose to be seen 8-10 wks for booking in appointment and then at 12wks for a scan. So do chase it up with the hosp or your GP.

Thanks all, OH thinks I am being a bit paranoid but I will chase it Monday.

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Hi there, I'm 10 weeks now but went to gp at 5 and they gave me a small packet and asked me to make the booking app. They booked me in for the scan, but at booking appointment told me I'd need to make all my midwife ones myself.

Good luck!

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hi. yes self referred to the midwife but have not heard back from them. Phoned them this morning and awaiting a call back.

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