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Nappy contents query

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Hi Ladies, my LO is 6 weeks plus 4 and I have noticed his nappies for the last few days have had quite runny off colour poo with some small traces of blood in them. His tummy seems to be hurting as his cries are in pain but it is not quite colic as it doesn't happen every time he feeds and seems to get worse during the day. Once he fills his nappy he is happier. He is exclusively breast fed ( and feeds well) and I haven't changed my diet in this time or eaten particularly spicy foods. He had his 6 week check three days ago and the doctor was great but wasn't concerned but it does seem to have got a little worse since then. Has anyone been through something similar or have any tips? Thanks ladies

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the blood in the poo could be some burst blood capillary tubes in the digestive tract. These can burst if there is excessive strain down there. There's no way of really treating that in a baby as you cant tell them comprehensively to stop pushing hard, but as far as I know, its not that harmful.

If doc isnt too concerned, then there must not be anything to worry about but if you did want a second opinion, try phoning 111 NHS Direct for advice. No harm in checking for peace of mind. I hope ur LO feels better soon, poor lad :( xx

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Thanks gigglysheep, he seems happy enough, not dehydrated and once he has strained he seems ok. That is reassuring, we will keep an eye on him and ring Nhs direct or the health visitor if he gets any worse... X

What's the blood like? Runny, normal blood, or more gloopy, like red currant jelly?

How often was he opening his bowels before this started, and how much thicker were his stools? X

Other thing - has he recently had his rotavirus oral vaccine?

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Its easy to just 100% worry in these sort of situations as its your precious, innocent baby.

I'd personally get a 2nd medical opinion, as your registered G.P dosent seem to be bothered.

Do you have any "urgent care" NHS surgeries in or around your area ?

Im honestly so great-ful for these sort of surgeries myself as my registered G.p can also be very useless at times & when it comes to my son (who is nearly 5yrs old) i always try to get a 2nd opinion about anything that concerns me.

Bearing in mind we're now in the weekend it could be closed now / tommrow so the best thing is to monitor him of any pains or discomfort he could feel in the next couple of hours.


Hi both, his stools have always been a little runny. He has always had regular bowel movements. The blood is only very tiny amounts like small streaks, my husband only clocked them today as although I spotted them, they were barely perceptible I think! No vaccines as yet. He did have a bit of a cold earlier in the week, which he is now over. He did also not soil his nappy for 24 hours on Monday until Tuesday, when i started seeing grey ish green poos. His check was Wednesday and there were tiny streaks of blood in his nappy then, which i mentioned to the GP. Since then nearly all of his soiled nappies have streaks in them. Thanks for your opinions! Don't want to be an over reactive mother but also unsure!

I agree with all the other ladies and I know why Dr fluffy asked if your lo had the rotovirus oral vaccine as this is one of the side effects of it but its no cause for concern but if your still unsure there is no harm in you ringing the 111 number and chatting to them.

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Thanks mumofone2009

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Your welcome

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