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5weeks and lots of stomach cramps, is this normal?

Hi, just wandered if anyone else had stomach cramps during early pregnancy? I have them at night and during the day and they last about 15 mins at a time. I don't have any bleeding but it worries me. Got my first midwife meeting on wed so know I can ask then but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this?


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very normal. its the changes happening around the uterus and everything settling in. I had tiny cramps for around a fortnight or so. They will disappear and then the other symptoms will hit ya lol. Only get concerned if u have strong cramps aswell as fresh red blood. Other than that...welcome to pregnancy :P xx



Totally normal - i had them as well and it really freaked me out as tou think something is wrong but nothing was wrong at all!! They lasted on and off for about 4 weeks or so but after that it all calmed down - im 24 weeks now :) x


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