Thank you

I dunno whether I'm just being an emotional ass, but I just wanted to say I am so grateful for this site. It is really nice to have this huge support network that it is almost like having your own little virtual family. Its been the glue holding me together for the past few months and reading all the stories from you ladies is great as they help u to realize we are all in this together and everything we are experiencing is normal. I wouldn't be without u guys and i think u are all amazing.

Sending out a mass group hug xx

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Lovely post. I agree!


Same here I thought I will log out once I give birth but I haven't! Am so glued to it it's helpful and I feel it's good to give my opinions still now that am a new mummy.x




Arrrwwh! :-)

thanks hun! I must admit ive also got some useful / sound advise from this site & it was probably something which has never even crossed my mind.



Back at you for the hug, it is indeed a great forum x


I agree I'm stilling using this site 12 weeks on after giving birth to my son I thought that after I had him I wouldn't come back on but I still pop back once lo is either napping or settled down for the night x


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