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Human killer cells

Hi guys, so after my 3rd m/c I finally got to see someone. My problem is keeping it, my sac grows but my baby dies. I had loads of bloods taken, all fine, I had a biopsy of uterus to check for killer cells. Results came bk as boarder line. Been instructed to have pessarys (progesterone) twice a day and if I fall pregnant to keep having them till 12 weeks, along with heparin injections. Has any1 else had these problems and now got children??

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Hi there, I don't know too much about killer cells, but I am on heparin for a DVT which occurred in the first trimester (now 30 wks). Heparin is self administered subcutaneous injection into fatty tissue ( I pinch my inch round my middle), I have a regular supply of pre filled syringes which I use twice a day to get my dose. Its not hard to use and is second nature now and it doesn't cross the placenta and affect the baby. Birth on anti coagulants does need to be managed, however most accounts I have come across are normal deliveries without drama.

However when I was looking up blood disorders related to pregnancy, I came across a condition called Antiphospholipid syndome nhs.uk/conditions/hughes-sy... I remember this because my mother suffered several m/c and this condition may have been a factor as she also has other symptoms along side.

I have to stress this condition may not affect you at all. You can be diagnosed by a blood test which would state one way or another and it may help towards getting a clearer diagnosis for you and help stop your heartache. Good luck, I hope this helps :)


Thanks for your reply. Me and my partner will be trying again this month, so hopefully with the medication it will be our time for a beautiful baby


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