Feeling isolated......*rant*

My partner is a doorman and works weekend nights, i used to use this time to go out with my friends especialy if we hadnt had time in the week due to work! Ever since ive been pregnant no one invites me out and when i did go out in the first few weeks i was shoved into a corner "for my own saftey" i appreciate they may want to protect me but when we mostly go to sit down pubs where i can drink oj ect i dont see the problem. i feel so isolated. for the past 12 weeks ive spent my friday/saturday night going to bed at 9pm coz im bored and lonely and its driving me crazy :( doesnt help im also suffering from anxiety when im home alone!! sorry everyone i just sort of needed to rant about it before i cry myself to sleep :( the next 13weeks can not go quick enough so ive got my little man to keep me company! Xx

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I had this when I was pregnant with my first. ... I was the first of my friends to be pregnant and think they don't realise...u need to arrange a meal out with them so it's something more sociable and mention it to them about feeling lonely just drop it lightly saying u miss going out but is hard now being pregnant as u feel limited and u should do meals more often or a takeaway and movie night x

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You can still go for meals and soft drinks in pubs with your patner when he's free.i know its not your choice because your friends are Isorating you which really isn't fair.


Your right i should try and arrange a night in or something, i am just feeling abit left out with everything at the moment! It should pass when the baby's here and everyone wants to visit me :P haha, thanks xx


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